Anxious but the Band made it better!

What a fun night after a bad day. This morning I woke up after sleeping most of the night. That was a relief, though I still felt tired. But it was a good tired. I think my mind was tired after trying to write a letter to my daughter. Today at work I spent the day making mistakes, I guess it was sort of a clumsy day. This evening I went to watch the band play again and to take pictures of them. Once I got to the band's house and they started playing, I really got into their music. They are really good. I got to navigate around them and got some great pictures of each of the band members. Tomorrow I will post some of tonight's pictures on my web site. I look forward to shooting more pictures of the band next Wednesday. When my day started out, I was doing okay but a little tired. As the day went on I began feeling anxious. It was not as bad as it has been but still anxious. It was a dull anxiety. I hate it. But by the time I left the band, I was feeling so much better. Now I am tired and going to bed again. Thank God that I could feel a little better. Tomorrow is my next counseling session. I hope that counseling works.  Since I don't have anyone to say good night to, I am saying it to the world. G'night!