Anxiaty about the storm. Fri Dec 13 2017 5 a.m.

OK i guess it will let me make a journal toeday let's hope, wouldn't last night. We are going to have an ice storm here, i have much anxiaty about it. One of my many phobieas is storm's, esspecially winter ice storm's. Don't have to go anywere but terrified the power will go out and i'm all electric. Ive gotten some clothes laid out and an extra blanket just in case, don't want to freeze too much. I can alway's go to sleep if i have to. Had to turn off the news and all the glloom and doom couldn't take it anymore. OK i guess that's all for now. More later ifr i can get on here. 




just pm sent to is getting bad already....I know your scared....I just hope the power stays on long enough to get my roast cooked....the chili will probably be done way before the crock pot roast is....

hugs stay warm stay inside and if you want to you can call me...I will pm my number if you ask for it....hugs bill