Another Quick Entry

Totally drained. Feeling really abandoned. Most has to do with that dern insurance co that won't pay my medical bills. Got a lawyer. Meet with him tomorrow. My mentor has NOT gotten back to me with edits for my dissertation and I need to send it to my committee in exactly a week. I've told him several times that I need as much time as possible to make edits and that I can't just pull an all nighter to get it done. He knows I have CFS so this is really frustrating and stressful.
Got a bill from Mayo of charges my health ins. are not paying. It's fair but bad timing. I also got an email on Monday saying I had a mammogram/ultrasound scheduled for this morning. I changed that date! I don't want to be stressed out by my boobs! I have dense tissue and they always say they see something and I need to come back and WOW talk about stressful!  I do have an appt to get that done after I defend my dissertation.
Need to just sleep today but my mind is racing. Might need to drug myself just so I get sleep and don't get sick. I feel pre-flare-up-y. (This is the only place I could write that and people would know what I mean!)
So, apparently the word for the day is "stressful!"
I hope everyone is doing well or doing not terrible!
Hug hug



Jen - Wow - yes, stressful!! Way too much going on for you or anyone with CFS. Keep swimming, sweetie - slowly. Keep breathing too. Good luck tomorrow with the lawyer. Hope you can rest some.

Yes, we get the \"pre-flare-up-y\" thingy!! I\'m in a flare right now. Hope you can get your dissertation stuff done! You need that stresser off!!!

Sorry you\'re having trouble with your ins. co. not paying your bills. I have Medicare disability and they\'re pretty good. You are still working I guess, so I\'m hoping your lawyer can do some good work and help you out.

It\'s hard enough having a fatigue based illness. These extra stressful things that happen, just kind of put us over the top. It\'s hard to keep it together. But we manage, don\'t we. Just one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

I pray for my friends. I pray for you too, Jen!!! Hang in!

Hello Beautiful Jen.........hang in there........praying that the meeting with the lawyer goes well, that it all gets sorted out regarding the mammo........that always happens with me too......they always call me back in for more pics......try to do the best you can to beg, borrow or steal as much calm as you can...........totally get that wired and tired pre flare uppy thing...........wish none of us did.......but so glad there is a place where we can be understood...............i got up and took a muscle relaxer this is helping me sit here, it is taking the bad edge off just enough.........sometimes we need to weigh the options and make the decision to help keep our bodies in a less stress/less pain the meanwhile i am praying my patootie off that the notes are returned to you asap.......has the mentor been able to give you any kind of eta? praying and hushing now......prayer is better than my little yapper this morning --- the Lord is bowing my head and telling me its ok to talk it all out with him...........hugs, hope it gets better........hang on and hang in.