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Perhaps the group were picking out some presents for Shilohs eighth birthday later this month. Everything is awesome: The group headed for the Lego section of the store to pick up some new sets Early birthday present?: It seems Shiloh might have been picking out something ahead of her eighth birthday later this month What about this one?: Angie quite liked the look of a Lego RV herself Everyone loves Lego: Pax, who is 10, and five-year-old Knox were just as excited about the building blocks Eyes on the prize: Knox seemed particularly enthralled by some cuddly Angry Birds As they explored the huge and legendary shop, Knox was particularly enthralled by some cuddly Angry Birds, before they all spent a long time checking out the Lego sets. Angelina, 38, was dressed down in all-black while sporting a camisole, leather trousers and flip flops, as well as sunglasses over her make-up free face. The children were all displaying their different styles in what they were wearing, which it looked like had been up to them that day. Sisters and best friends: Shiloh and Zahara, who is nine, looked so cute while holding hands Quick!: Zahara practically dragged Shiloh into the shop while the others brought up the rear with their mother Model mother: Angelina made sure Zahara and Shiloh were safe while holding hands with little Vivienne Oldest toy store in the USA: Much like Angelina's family, FAO Schwarz is very famous Vivienne wore a navy blouse and black leggings, while Zahara wore funky leopard print leggings with a black top and grey hoodie. Both Shiloh and Knox wore matching black shorts, with Shiloh in a white polo shirt and Knox sporting a printed T-shirt.

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With holiday shopping in full swing, here are somemore holiday shopping tips. One of my previous recommendations was purchasing discounted gift cards to use for your holiday shopping. I like to walk my talk so I purchased a Starbucks gift card from ABC Gift Cards. I had the gift card loaded onto the Starbucks card I regularly use. Everything was great for a couple of weeks until my Starbucks card was suspended without notice. After several calls to Starbucks customer service I learned my card had been closed because the discounted gift card had been bought with a fraudulent credit card. I immediately contacted ABC Gifts Cards to request a refund.