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The collection of ancient antiquities and antique items hasn't been more assessable to the general public than now. The investment in these items gives serious collectors the opportunity to own museum grade objects, which will not lose their value. This makes it not only a pleasure to collect but a smart investment too.
The Cabinet Collection in Ancient Pasts is a distinctive, unusual, and eclectic assemblage of objects spanning the epochs of time from antiquity to the post-medieval period:
All of the unique objects seen within the various collection cabinets are available for sale. They've been ethically acquired from different collections and then, where necessary, experienced detailed preservation and conservation by a professional team of experienced curators.

The Cabinet Collection is a moving and growing thing, it represents the passion of a professional person with more than thirty years experience, in both archaeology and history. The collection is extremely well researched using a museum-quality reference library, which calls upon the assistance of dedicated academics worldwide if required.


Our mission is a very clear and easy, the continued access for educated specialist collectors, to ethically sourced rare, high quality antiquities and objects de art: we've been true to this mission for over twenty years and therefore, we are evolving into a major source for both objects of antiquity and literary references for these items.
Ancient Pasts and its sister company Rare-objects. Com are both operated to the highest professional standards and the owner holds educational qualifications in both Archaeology and Ancient History: Ancient Pasts has a specific interest in conservation and curatorship and our standards of'collection quality' items are highly valued by an international clientele.
Where ever possible we will offer a detailed provenance for our objects where known. We also offer comprehensive certificates of authenticity for the antiquities that we offer for sale. This allows the provenance, to be protected for the future and gives assurance and peace head to our valued clients.

If you're looking for something unique, we're sure that you will uncover an object of beauty and rarity within one of the numerous cabinets we hold within the Ancient Pasts Collection.

For all enquiries and customer service, please contact:
Simon Brown