Anabolic Steroids - Legal Uses, Illegal Uses and Side Effects

There is no disputing the fact that anabolic steroid abuse carries many extremely serious side effects. People have continued to use these drugs even though they well know that they carry a significant risk of harmful side effects. Some individuals choose to give into the short term desire for fast muscle development and more strength. Professional body building is a very competitive sport and these drugs are often the difference between winning and losing. This article will talk about the side effects of anabolic steroids on major body functions and organs.
As with any other drug, the degree of actual damage will depend on a set of conditions. The evidence that there is a significant risk of liver damage is overwhelming. You may suffer only mild damage to your liver, but cancer and complete liver failure are also possible. Kidney damage can also result, which carries an equally grave prognosis. When you take steroids orally, you increase these risk factors. The overall risk is decreased when the drug is administered by intramuscular injection. An unusual side effect of muscle development because of steroid use involves easy math. The over-growth of the muscles can actually start to cause other physiological problems. The overgrown muscles can move edge out the space normally occupied for joints and bones. Understandably this makes for a difficult time for the athlete. The pro athlete will have to handle this situation as well as others that may arise from time to time. The long term use of anabolic steroids becomes less and less effective as time goes on. With this condition it is common to see additional bone fractures.
For bodybuilders, recreational anabolic steroid use can be particularly risky. Bodybuilders strive to build muscle mass, but don't care so much about strength or endurance. What happens it the steroid produces excess water within the muscles, or basically water retention. The problem this can often cause is it puts a tremendous added workload on the heart. Because of this, body builders that use steroids often have high blood pressure. So much depends on the individual's tendency toward succumbing to a heart attack. Steroid use is also known to negatively affect the sex organs as well. Decreased sperm count and a lower sex drive are two of the more commonly reported sexual side effects of steroid use. Rather than bulking up, the steroid user can eventually start to take on feminine features. A higher level of estrogen caused by steroid use is to blame. As one might expect, a higher level of estrogen will eventually lead to some men developing breasts. Breast growth that cannot be reversed can be the unfortunate result. A lifestyle of recreational steroid use is one that will likely lead to serious medical issues later. The severity of side effects associated with steroid use varies greatly. Steroid usage has an appropriate context when done under medical supervision. When discussing steroids, it's important to not just focus on the negative because there are positive aspects to them as well. But the bottom line is that abusing them is never a good idea.