An Unbiased View Of Al Badie

Mr. Khaled is the vice president of Al Badie group and he is the most successful director which has changed the fortune of the business. Talking about his educational background, Mr. Kahled has completed his studies from The George Washington University and from there only he was actively engaged with Washington, D.C., and the world. As the location in the heart of Washington places them at the core of U.S, however, he is very much aware with the government, policy and law. Talking about the university is the best university where the worlds of science, technology, media and the arts converge meet together and produce the best results.

Here the students and faculty have got the unparalleled opportunity and they study and work together as the leaders and practitioners in every discipline as well as never forget taking part in the interchanges that shape our community and the world.

The George Washington University was created in 1821 through an Act of Congress, fulfilling George Washington’s vision of an institution in the nation’s capital dedicated to educating and preparing future leaders and yes it has prepared one Mr. Khaled the director and vice president of Al Badie.

Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co. is the part of the Al Badie group and it engages in the provision of all classes of insurance. Yes, it generally deals with all the major sectors and operates through the following segments, including- Underwriting of General Insurance Business and Investments. Coming to the Underwriting of General Insurance Business segment, it includes all classes of general insurance, such as fire, marine, motor, medical and general accident. Not only this, the insurance company also deals with the equity securities, investment funds, development bonds.

The group was successfully formed by the Al Badie family and it is running successfully day by day and hopefully for a long time.