An Incredible Selection for Skin Care

Argan Oil has become the hottest skincare product. It's everywhere. But we must ask why? How did this all organic product suddenly become the item that everyone must have and apply?
We researched this and discovered some fascinating reasons.
The first reason why it is being used is merely because it works. Truly well. The oil does what's been reported. It moisturizes the skin very well. The compounds in the oil called Essential Fatty Acids are essential for good skin tone. Argan Oil contains over 50% of Essential Fatty Acids, offering a truly wonderful source of nourishment for the skin.
The nextreason for Argan's rise to fame is because Argan Oil from Russell Organics it's so versatile. Ponder this, what other beauty product can be applied on to the face, hair, and cuticles and give excellent results?
Finally my favorite reason. Argan Oil is toxin free. In a time when almost every skin care product has chemicals in them, Argan Oil stands out by not having any. I love that.
So I think that Argan Oil really deserves its popularity.