Amy's new diagnois

Today Amy started a new treatment for her degenerative neuropathy. She is now hooked up with a pain clinic and they started her on "injection therapy" for her spine. (cortizone and a "blocker") She has had to go through more testing with a new neurologist. Today she found out that she has "Sacroiliitis Disease" where the lower part of her spine is fused to the back of her pelvic bone. When researching this disease, it sure says alot about all of the problems she has been experiencing over the past 7 yrs. Her pain is so bad that she can't sit down, lay down, or walk to get comfortable. Her back is swollen from all of the injections, and the kicker? No pain meds until 8am tomorrow! Amy has been in pain for such a long time, and she has built up quite a tolerance, but she says this is the worst pain she's felt in her back to date...and for Amy to say that, means it's really bad. She was crying. Living so far away from her breaks my heart, as she sure could use some mommy love right now. How much more can this precious woman take? She just got over an a topical pregnancy, which was both emotionally and physically painful for her to deal with. She's had one heck of a bad year, and thus far, things just go from bad to worse. Needless to say, she is extemely depressed because all of this has been going on since Miss Vicky passed away suddenly the day before Mother's Day.(she'd just been up to Morgan County a couple of days to see her before she died.) Amy is a fighter: always has been, but she is growing weary. Still, she puts one foot in front of the other and keeps on trucking along. I am always positive with her, and fighting back the tears is at times, almost impossible. My heart weeps for all that she has been through, and is going through, and will continue to go through. She's always has such a great sense of humor! It just seems like our family has this thing where medical conditions are always A-typical. My meniere's is A-typical too! We are always in that bottom percentile when it comes to "what can possibly go wrong?" We have to laugh about it sometimes. At least we are always prepared to face the "unexpected." Being adopted, I am not sure what all is included in my family's medical history. I've got bits and pieces, but not the whole picture. It makes it difficult for both of my girls when they have limited information that could be beneficial to them. Our family has always look for blessings in each and every day. They come in all kinds of forms, through the people we meet, to simple things, like seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, to being able to put food on the table. We don't look at the things we don't have: we look at the things we DO have. Too many people focus on the "don't have's" instead of the "do haves." We aren't rich in possessions, but rich in love. We are truely blessed! Some times it's takes a bit of work to find those blessings during difficult times like now: but we always seem to find them anyway. I am truely blessed to have a daughter so courageous: one who laughs at irony: one that finds that silver lining in the storm clouds that gather over head: one who loves the Lord and depends on Him for strength. So as I sit here, worried about Amy and her prognosis, crying, upset that she has been through so much, I do find comfort in knowing that she is still alive and that is the greatest blessing of all. Being a Christian, it's not about the situations we find ourselves in: it's about how we deal with them that gives us the strength we need to carry us through each day. Please, if you are reading this, keep Amy in your prayers.