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I dont want to drop any names because someone can get fired over this. I used to work at Best Buy while going to high school in the mobile phones department and met my current friends with benefits who works in Geek squad, they go around in a cute vehicle kind of like this and install televisions and what not. I got to go on a ride along with him actually (legally) the year before I quit because he was down a man and they usually ride in pairs. Normally they would ask a person who sells tvs and home theater equipment to go with them as it helps them get a sense of what they sell and what actually gets done on the job. Anyways he always flirted with me hard core and I guess giving him a wink was a good move. He decided over two tv guys to take me!!! from the cellphones department??? lol... without talking to the store manager first...what???! I didnt do much and 3 hours later were back in the store and it was just an hour until my shift ended. Told him to take me again if he needed another person. Of course months later we fucked and he became my FWB. I havent seen him in more than half a year yet, skip to last Saturday we were just texting and he mentioned that his partner called in sick the store was understaffed and that he would have to take someone from the store that he didnt like at all who wasnt even in home theater. I joked that he should come by and pick me up. I didnt expect after a few awkward silences that he told me he was going to do just that and that I should get ready. I wore a spare uniform the last time but I just decided to wear the general grey/black combo of colors because I had gotten rid of any best buy clothes I had owned. Now he hesitated when he saw me wearing a black tanktop tucked in my grey denim short shorts and almost sent me back inside to change, he instead gave me one of the best buy freebies from the back which was a folded up airshrunk geeksquad shirt XS and eventually told me that I even looked sexier wearing that... I hopped in and went to the first place but no one was home and he had me leave a hand written missed you sign, ended up driving across the town. The guy who let us in was eye fucking me the whole time we were there, I didnt know how to help my FWB much so inevitably I ended up mostly in conversation to the man who didnt hide the fact he was eyeing my thighs and grinning when I shook my head at him. I didnt mind flirting and had my fun with him since I was never going to see him again. I didnt mind though when he asked bikini pussy galleries for a photo with us and managed to get my FWB to take a few photos of just me and the client. He had a nice house though definitely rich and even invited me to some trip he was going to... I called ahead to the next place while my fwb was feeling me up parked in front of the guys place. The next two customers were nice old ladies and I actually helped measure the wall and stuff for my fwb and felt pretty useful. We ate lunch in a nice park I found by gps, my idea... flirty and romantic....and finished the last job which was rather quick maybe 5 minutes and he said that the man probably unplugged something by mistake? I was surprised that we werent going back nude sexy naked russian girls girls to the store since we were done all the calls but he mentioned the first guy we saw wanted us back because something wasnt working. I had this suspicion that he wanted to see me but kinda dismissed it asap lol. Well a few minutes there and my poor fwb is back in the crawl space rerouting wires and the guy is full on flirting with me. I could see that he was super confident even though he wasnt exactly the best looking guy around. He put his hand and grazed my legs and told me in a way that made me goose all over and told me in these exact words. "I will be FUCKING you tonight, be a good girl, give me your number" I probably led him on because it was kind of fun flirting with him earlier because I thought I would never see him again. Now that I was back and he had another chance I kind of got myself in that situation. I swear I was probably biting my lip because it was numb when he pulled my hair back and kissed me full on my lips while his hands started moving. I was pretty confused when he asked me to say my phone number aloud and I didnt believe him saying that he had a smart home?....he wasnt in any position to write anything down so I just did as he asked in the clearest I could... while he was kissing my neck and running his hands inside my shirt, fuck it was intense, later I guess he could see from my reaction that I was worried my FWB would walk in on us. He amour angel pics told me not to worry and even though I was still worried the whole time he was right because he was free to have his fun with me the entire time maybe 20 minutes or more nude hot angels before the door closed from the stairway entrance to the crawl space and by then my shirt amour angel pics was back on and the man was across the room pouring me water from the filter grinning like an asshole. I swear I had never been so turned on and even when he told me that his desk had a camera built in I just felt that much more...slutty about what I was letting him do...not sure but it was intense. I didnt tell my fwb what happened but I feel bad that I didnt have sex with him and that I am still debating on agreeing to more from the rich ugly dude who somehow got to me... He sent me some pictures of me standing over his desk from the last 10 minutes or so when he had my shirt on the ground under his foot : ( all while he was having fun with me. Well...Lots of fun for him yet....all the while I remember I was frozen terrified as hell that my fwb was going to come and catch us or maybe knock this guy out or worse... Was going to post more but they have his face in them.