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It’s so hard to take my time because I am so excited to finally see you again. after taking my sweet time licking your asshole and inserting the butt plug i lay you down, and remove the blind fold so i can look you in the eyes and see the amount of pleasure your going through.

I'm going to pound your pussy mercilessly until I cum. You walk into the room and you are wearing my favorite thing. im teasing your entrance with my cock rubbing it between your sweet pussy lips and grinding it against your clit. i finally do and feel your warm slippery wet pussy.

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Afterwards we just slump down onto each other cum now running down your legs and in your ass and all over you from the time before. i finally enter as your now begging me to put my cock inside you. you get back up knowing I'm not finished either you stick your cunt right on my face and force me to clean it out of you. then forcefully I climb on top of you, in a 69 position, dangling my cock above your face, the precum pumping from the head, and my balls look so heavy and full, brushing against you.

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once sexy old women you've collected it all you ask me with cum in your mouth to open my mouth and you spit the entire load back down my throat. Then I'd push your thighs apart and bury my face in your pussy. I'm already hard again.

My hand comes up and starts pressing above your clit, drifting down to provide pressure, your lips pressed between my tongue and hand, getting my fingers slicker and slicker. I start teasing at your hole, alternating between tongue and fingers, getting closer and closer to penetration, at the same time, I'm tugging at your pussy lips, stretching and releasing.

you laugh and continue to grind your pussy against my mouth i have your cum and mine all over my chin and face and in my beard. Putting pressure near to, but not quite on your clit. As you get wet from my attentions, I wait for the right moment, then sink the flat of my mature black women porn tongue directly onto your clit while I push a well wetted finger into your pussy. I'd lay you in your back and tie your hands out over your head.

This, while my tongue works up toward your stomach, until I can curl just the tip of my tongue to caress your clit in just the right place. My balls are so full and they ache every day. I haven't cum the whole time you're gone. i don't know if i can handle it I'm already dripping wet again and i don't even know how were still going!

you begin to moan again " mmmm baby you know how bad I've been wanting your cock please quit making me wait! so i lay down you on top of me and i have you lay all your weight on me . I say "I've been waiting patiently for you to get back. i begin to kiss your neck, groping your tits over and over.

you collapse on top of me with my cock still hard inside of you and immediately fall asleep. " and with that you insert me into you this time you want to take it slow. i begin to fuck you while rubbing your back and asshole. i then slowly and softly rub my fingers up and down your back as you sleep in my arms.

i feel you begin to cum and its the most amazing feeling ever that i cant help myself and once again release a huge warm load of cum deep inside your pussy. Pulling my finger across the roof of your cunt, not too hard, not to fast, slowly pulling out.

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