Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder, On Most Popular Subreddits And Website's Dated Design Video

Coming up in the next countdown countdownlblComing up next:nextVideo.titlenextVideo.descriptionSkip to this video now More information on this videoShare your favorite momentTranscript for Reddit Co-Founder Talks About Site's Design, Subreddits, and Internet UsersThere's just it's it's sure -- -- -- and I graduated college with you -- graduated and immediately got started us so we were. -- Three when -- came to web design this is 2005 rights standards also were a lot lower. You know today I would be embarrassed to launch read it looking the way it looks and it's kind of amazing that it's grown as much as it has. Looking away does but the one thing we wanted to make sure as we put content. Above everything we wanted to good user experience. We knew that you have to say we're pretty -- all around corners in the world and drop shadows he didn't have good content. And if -- treated its users poorly was as bad user experience people would. The some of the most popular -- that one of the most popular -- is it's called trees. And he is I think the largest online community of people who light. Marijuana. Doesn't actually and it -- treats its. -- lingo. You that if these platforms are all schools. Schools are like hammer right of most of the time hammer is going to be a wonderful thing that builds buildings and -- great stuff. Sometimes humans can use a hammer for awful horrible things -- -- -- -- social media's like this. I think as he's usually the case with technology -- we have. We have to find ways to encourage the best behavior out of us put that actually like most people are actually good. And most people actually. You know -- -- -- we -- we desire to really connect with one another because we realize. How little we have and the Internet was. We supposed to do this this was one of those big grandiose visions of the we're not there yet is -- -- -- But I really do you think it helps us better understand. Our world when you see no strangers treating --This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate."id":19571569,"title":"Reddit Co-Founder Talks About Site's Design, Subreddits, and Internet Users","duration":"2:16","description":"Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian says you can control the social platform but not the users.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/alexis-ohanian-reddit-founder-popular-subreddits-websites-dated-19571569","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"Default" href='' - -