Al Badie Group - Role In Company Security

In the latest news of Al Badie group, it has been confirmed that the group is signed the agreement with the World Security for attaining all security needs. World security is the leading and very popular security company in Dubai as well as known as the specialist turnkey security solutions provider of Dubai World.

The company has announced the expansion of its client base after signing a security solutions agreement with Al Badie Group, which is very famous investment group running successfully by Mr. Khaled. This insurance group is actually very renowned in the market, especially in the UAE and by joining the hands of the World Security it has created various reforms for the benefits of the people and company.

Mr. khaledAl Badie is the Vice President of  the very famous Al Badie Group and he has joined Mr. Mahmood Amin the CEO of the World Security and Group Security, They both have signed the agreement, under which the award winning security service provider will provide all types of security services to Al Badie Group. For that they will use all the latest technologies, tools and fully trained staff members. Mahmood Amin, CEO of World Security and Group Security, said that they always seek to work with the companies by offering latest services for the global developments and approaches related to the security solutions. Even, they are very much encouraged to offer their clients with the best practices in this field at both individual and systems levels.

Al Badie is very much happy to see the security services will be offered by the World security and soon everything will be well equipped to be an in-house security toolkit and works with businesses that need to ensure their assets are protected within the UAE and abroad. Al Badie Group was successfully established in 1967 prior to the formation of the UAE and recall as one of the oldest business groups in the country.