Agt International Releases Innovative Integrated Security And Safety Solution, Safegrid To The Energ

The project was located in Finland, a country at the leading edge of smart grid evolution. SafeGRID is an integrated solution incorporating smart sensing, analytics, connectivity, cyber-security and collaboration, providing greater safety and security and optimized asset maintenance for distribution and transmission grids. The unique integration of these elements improves situational awareness, helping electrical grid operators to manage threats and risks before they emerge. SafeGRID incorporates intelligent sensors, combined with advanced analytics that deliver real-time data and asset visibility in a unified manner to security, operations and maintenance staff. Ultimately, it enables electricity grid operators to predict, visualize and manage complex environments to deliver protection of people, assets, infrastructure, data and processes, as well as lowering the costs of maintenance and operations. Jens Wegmann, Chief Corporate Development Officer, AGT International, said: "We are very pleased to be releasing our new SafeGRID solution to the market at European Utility Week.