African Warlord Kony Makes Son His Deputy | Fox News

"Tom is our CPA. We interview him to teach our members about concepts like tax deferment and tax avoidance. Mr. Dillard is quick to point The Elevation Group out that neither he nor his business partner Robert Hirsch are financial advisers. Rather, they are interviewers who chronicle where the ultra rich are investing their money.

In 2008, as Uganda's government tried to reach a peace settlement with the LRA, Kony failed to show up for the signing ceremony and instead sent Saleh, then a teenager, to represent him. The talks collapsed. Kony has since used the region's porous borders to go back and forth between Central African Republic and a disputed enclave in Sudanese territory called Kafia Kingi, according to Ugandan officials and watchdog groups. Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for atrocities committed since the 1980s, when he waged an insurgency against Uganda's government that later spilled across the region.