African American Hair Texture: Taking Care of Our Gift 2k20 69 News

But whatever its feel, Black African American hair is a gift that reflects both our beauty and our ancestry. Regrettably, though, it is often next to impossible to feel good about our hair. Why? Because it feels as though we are always at war with it.
The Fundamentals
Sooner or later in her lifetime (or several times throughout her entire life!) Virtually every girl wrestles with the question of natural versus relaxed/permed. There are benefits and disadvantages to each, but whatever the choice, it is crucial to look after your locks.
Good hair care begins from the interior. This means eating a balanced diet to give your body all the nutrients it requires in order to grow the healthiest hair possible. In addition, it means drinking lots of water, to give your hair (and skin) much-needed moisture.
The upcoming critical element of hair care - regardless of your hair's texture - is utilizing the proper comb/brush. The reality is, the vast majority of combs and brushes are made for non-African hair. The ideal tool for our hair is a combination comb/brush that is designed so that the teeth easily slide under our coiled hair texture. It is like a detangler is effective by rolling the hair out rather than yanking it out. In hair loss and itchy scalp , it naturally states and relaxes hair, making it soft and easy to style or braid. This type of comb/brush also keeps our hair health y and helps prevent breakage.
Next Actions
Along with having the correct comb/brush, there are numerous other things you can do to help prevent breakage. First, use heat , especially if your hair is permed. Second, don't wash your hair too frequently - every seven to ten days is best. When you do wash it, use a leave-in conditioner. In between, rinse your hair a couple of times a week (and especially after a work out ), also use a conditioner daily. And, don't overlook your monthly deep conditioning treatment.
The hairstyles you choose will change over the course of your own life, however, the very best hair care advice is to embrace your normal feel and operate with it. Hair that's naturally curly will behave very differently than hair that is naturally woolly. In the same way, super-kinky hair will react in another method to treatments than naturally wavy hair.
If you work with the texture you have, you can still have a variety of style options that are available to you. However, the key is that you will not be fighting nature; instead, you'll be working with the African American texture you were born together and maximizing its beauty. In the process, you will have less breakage and much healthier hair. The result? You'll feel more beautiful and job that self-confidence to the world. What could be better?