Affordable Termite Control Handed To Aussie Homeowners By Termitetrap's World First.

This innovation makes the TermiBrick TermiteTrap, the first of its kind in the world and highly effective for homeowners to use in eliminating termite colonies at a fraction of the usual cost. Australia's leading scientific organization CSIRO conducted a survey a few years ago in which 32% of homes had had a termite presence. In a separate survey, the Institute of Australian Architects reported that of all the homes inspected for sale, one-third had termite damage . This high incidence of termite attack means homeowners need help. Especially those who cannot or are unwilling to spend their funds on professional services, and even more so if a DIY system is available. Created by an entomologist with 40 years of experience in the pest control industry, the new system intercepts foraging termite colonies using traps or monitors which sit on top of the ground. A monthly glance in passing will reveal if the Trap is under attack, and if it is, a safe-to-use bait is added so that the termites will take it back to kill the nest. 'Termites, also called white ants , come out of the soil to find wood, including in houses so I designed this new trap to sit above soil level. A side benefit is that installation is just a matter of putting them down; there is no digging.' related Ion Staunton, a former pest technician who developed the TermiBrick TermiteTrap. 'These traps, when placed around the house, are easier for termites to find than the complications involved in finding access to the timber inside a house. Thousands can aggregate inside a trap and it is far easier and less stressful to feed them outside in a Trap than if they are inside your home. Either way, the bait is taken back to their colony and life is totally destroyed.' A scientific paper cited a trial using 60 monitors, with 30 placed in the ground and 30 on top of the ground. All of those located on-ground were attacked by termites before any of those placed underground. Tests with the TermiBrick's prototype revealed similar results. After nine weeks, all on-ground traps were infested while the standard professional in-ground monitors remained uninhabited during that time. Like most good ideas, the TermiBrick is based on a very simple concept which takes advantage of termite instincts. It is a UV protected plastic box, open at the bottom so termites can easily get inside to begin eating the Tassie Oak timber that attracts them. Their basic need to control their climate is made easy for them; there is a small hole at the top and all they need to do is close it with some of their mud mixture to seal in the humidity. This mud, now blocking the hole, is easily noticed by the owner when walking past. A tub of bait is added to the top of the TermiBrick after pushing in the mud with a finger. It is easier for termite workers to get a tummy full of the moist bait than to chew off some wood so it is mostly bait that is transferred back to the nest. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit