Affirmation for May 1, 2012: Aspire to Achieve and Inspire

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.Ayn Rand
Thought of the Day:
It's easy to feel defeated when someone of higher caliber and ability pushes their success in your face. Sure, we look up at that person and think, "Wow, he's beating everyone! He's amazing!" But when we become victims of his overpowering pride, we feed belittled.
When given the opportunity to succeed, do so with humility and you will find yourself rewarded much more than the one we (once) looked up to. Humility brings many more friends and a whole community who looks to a graceful and respected leader.
We've all heard of the saying - aspire to inspire. :) The spiritual fulfillment of this idea is much grander than the peg marks ahead of others we're able to achieve.
Good Luck!
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