Affirmation for July 30, 2012: Your Own Happiness

Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you've got to make yourself.Alice Walker
Thought of the Day:
Happiness comes from many different sources. We definitely have those friends or are those friends who find happiness in the company or inspiration of our friends. In a way, we can say this relationship is one of dependence. But the question we need to pose here is - is this kind of relationship healthy?
We need to remember that happiness is brought about by our own accomplishments, mind set, and efforts. Although our friends enhance that feeling of belonging and being an important figure in someone's life, happiness is attainable in the company of no one other than our own selves. Be confident in who you are! You'll be surprised how many other independent outlets there are avaiable to us.
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Remember... Happiness is a state of mind, not just a feeling. Some people confuse adulation with happiness. But adulation can be very short lived and is dependent on others to achieve such feeling. Happiness can last forever if the decisions you make in life are sound. But happiness can also be painful at times because life can be painful at times. Even for the happy. There\'s a difference between felling good and being happy. Many unhappy people can feel good by drinking , or engaging in titillating activity. But when it\'s over, it\'s over. Having clear judgement and making the right decisions in life can last a life time no matter how\'s around. Respect and love yourself, and others will follow.