Aerospace Medicine

Aerospace medicine is a medical area devoted to treating patients who suffer with health problems due to being in an aerospace environment. Aeromedical Examiner Europe has the goal of preventing any problems that can be caused by aviation.
When looking for reliable Aerospace medicine specialists, Honolulu has several doctors who offer such services. Such physicians offer Pilot Medical Europe Examinations, including screenings for acute health conditions that could be harmful during flight. Such issues could have a tendency toward myocardial infarction, or heart attack; epilepsy; lung disorder; or, diabetes. These professionals can also test pilots for colour blindness, because if a pilot can't differentiate colors, it could be impossible to execute a certain task whilst flying.

Many times while flying, a passenger could complain of extreme ear pain. This results from the unequal strain that develops on every side of the eardrum since the airplane is descending. However, for some, the pain doesn't go away even after having landed. In this case, it is wise for such ones to look for the help of a physician who will analyze the symptoms experienced and prescribe the medicine needed, which in most cases is an antibiotic.

If one has a cold or sinus disease before traveling by plane, the traveler is going to want to put the flight if at all possible, as the indicators will only get worse during traveling. If traveling is inevitable, the support of an aviation doctor ought to be sought beforehand. The doctor will assess the health situation, also prescribe the needed treatment, such as a decongestant; or in the instance of a sinus infection, an antibiotic.

Through careful study, aerospace health professionals also have established a G-suit, for pilots who fly fighter planes. All these G-suits are needed since a fighter airplane rapidly ascends, the blood of the rider or pilot concentrates from the feet and legs. Thus, in some cases, a sufficient amount of blood cannot be pumped to the brain, resulting in immediate unconsciousness. The G-suit is basically a special pair of pants that causes the blood not to focus only in the legs, yet to flow up toward the center so the pilot can maintain Decent blood circulation