Adults Only Hubpages

This suggestion is not one I wish to incorporate in the current debate which has spread over Hubpages like wildfire. It is, however, a serious suggestion- one I hope gets at least a little thought.What would it take to have a Hubpages affiliated site which featured only adult content? Age verification would be an issue, though your disclaimers and terms of service cover you against children using Hubpages in that all who are registered to the site must be 18. So, why not incorporate a process wherein either an AVS is used, or- a more time consuming solution- registering to the AHP (Adult Hubpages) requires each registrant to fax or snail mail a photocopy of their ID and a form asserting that they are who they say they are.Non-Adult content could be - Heather Night - shuffled off here through deactivating mainstream hubs and urging them to post their mainstream content here on Hubpages.Likewise, adult content (or content which comes very very close) could be shuffled off toward AHP.Just a suggestion for the hat box. Thank you for all that you folks do, every day, every week, every hour, to keep Hubpages up and running and available for people to enjoy.