Adult website says Xbox 360 users can visit their site via Internet Explorer app

There's currently a new Xbox 360 dashboard beta going on. Those that were able to get into the beta have been playing the first 'free to play' Xbox Live game "Happy Wars", but that's not the only new feature of the new dashboard. Internet Explorer, Microsoft's internet browser, is available for use via the new dashboard.The IE app works, sorta. We're in the dashboard beta and after a few weeks of the app not loading it finally started to work after three recent system updates. Of course, we put the browser to work and while it's suitable for getting to various sites, overall it's ugly to look at and cumbersome to use for more then a few minutes.That being said, the web browser is able to access pretty much every website, without pop ups and the worry of a virus coming to your console isn't an issue. So you can, if you choose, visit ANY website you want. One adult website in particular is not only banking on the fact that you will visit their site, they're campaigning for their own Xbox app.YouPorn (we're not posting the a link to the site) created the image above to show what would happen if they were able to get their own app on the console. They also released a statement via their blog:Gamers and free porn lovers - - around the world rejoice! Thanks at long last to the introduction of Internet Explorer for XBox, you can now tap in to and stream all your favorite free YouPorn videos right from your XBox. Whether you're pwning n00bs in "COD: Modern Warfare 3", annihilating Bullymong in "Borderlands 2", or taking the Saints deep in "Madden NFL 13", you're never more than a few simple controller clicks away from being face deep in hot free porn.The statement and story was posted this afternoon via Kotaku, who spoke with Microsoft after seeing the blog. Microsoft released this statement on the matter:To be clear, we are adding Internet Explorer to Xbox Live, not specific adult content providers like YouPorn or any other specific website content. Additionally, we give members and parents the option to turn this feature on or off for their accounts. Access to Internet Explorer for all Child accounts is blocked by default.Yes, you do have the ability to visit any adult website thanks via the Internet Explorer, but this isn't entirely a new issue for consoles and the internet. Nintendo Wii owners who picked up the wifi adapter have been able to surf the net, and any sites they want to, since 2006.Yup, we've already tried it, just to answer your question.