Adult Industry Traffic Exchange

The adult industry has always lead the way in web advertising by exploring new methods of getting traffic that converts. This article will look at some of the more popular methods used by the industry today.Search engine traffic is thought to be of very good quality in the adult industry. The conversion rates can be higher due to the naivety of the users who would use a search engine to find adult content rather than the more specialist methods such as thumbnail galleries that a more experienced searcher of adult content would use. These - milf booty - users are much more likely to pay for adult content because they are less likely than other users to be able to find adult images for free. Search engine traffic is really hard to get for the adult web and may require using search engine optimisation ways to achieve high places in search engines. Although the traffic from search engines is essentially free, the costs of search engine optimisation are often high with no guarantee of success.Lots of web users like the straightforward look of the thumbnail image gallery. Visitors to the sites are given a big grid of images, often sorted by genre. Should the user want to see more they can select an image and be taken to a subsequent page, which will often show additional images, or point directly to a signup page. Recent adult websites include mpeg movies to boost interest. However, by giving away large amounts of adult content for free, browsers may never feel the need to buy a full subscription. Thumbnail galleries can deliver marvelous volumes of adult visits, but adult site managers should beware as these visitors are bandwidth heavy and yet often only give tiny conversion rates for your trouble.To help secure more traffic for their sites, Adult webmasters evolved traffic trading techniques. Traffic exchanges were originally low key affairs organised by individual webmasters usually as the result of a conversation on a message board. These trades were done on faith, as the webmasters rarely met face to face. Unfortunately, in many instances rogue adult site managers would bail on their part of the deal, leaving the honest webmaster who had supplied traffic first out of pocket. Although these trades continue to this day, more sophisticated adult webmasters have realised that their only hope of cutting fraud is to employ highly complex traffic trading scripts to swap visitors on a real time basis. This, of course, has lead to a great deal of competition with the creation of ever more complex scripts. Additionally, visitors sometimes dont take kindly to being passed around different sites, especially if they arrive on a different site to the one they thought they were going to land on. The fact is that automated traffic trading is not for inexperienced or faint hearted adult site managers.Of course there are a great deal more traffic generation methods such as banner exchanges, pay per click ads and emergent technology for the mobile sector. The adult industry has always been at the vanguard of traffic creation techniques so it will be interesting to see where the adult Internet goes next.By: SidArticle Directory: http://www.articledashboard.comTom has is interested in adult website traffic