Adopt the Ability of Non-Achievement with Kundalini.

Adopt the Power of Non-Attainment with Kundalini.
In this kind of expertise we can expect a variety of weird senses of energy, trembling, shaking, muscle spasms, et cetera. Dreams of earthquakes, tidal waves, and so forth are also common and actually have nothing to do with our psychological state. Also, we must anticipate all kinds of emotional disruption. Do not take this too seriously (I know it's difficult not to!) When we become earthed, because much of this is quickly alleviated. That is things that doesn't have to be coped with, because it isn't "actual". What stays once we are grounded probably is real, but until we're solidly earthed, we will not truly - - understand which is which.
This process is quite individual, so a number of the things I am proposing may not be appropriate in specific cases as I said previously, however this is only sort of first aid.
First, among the important things is meditation. It's quite useful to meditate 15 minutes a day. Stabilize and this aids to earth the energy, particularly if you begin and end your meditation with earthing and centering. For this specific purpose, I recommend a meditation that focuses on the breath as they are usually fundamentally grounding.
The "15 minute rule" is very important. That gives just about maximum liberalization, stabilization, and integration. After that, the energy in the system begins to increase, which is just precisely what you do not need. So 15 minutes, no less, and no more each day helps a lot.
Diet is, in addition, important. Are you really a vegetarian? Because meat is grounding, if so, it makes it a bit harder, and you'll need to include more earthing vegetables in your diet. We must - kundalini awakening process - avoid stimulants like sugar and caffeine. Using minimal salt is, in addition, a help, because salt and acids (like vinegar in pickles and salad dressing) stimulate the adrenals. Red meat does too, or so the lighter meats like fish and poultry are better in general. I've been told that a vegetarian should eat a lot of root vegetables - at least, that's supposed to help. (I can't say from personal experience because I 'm carnivorous and didn't have to pay lots of attention to the grounding qualities of vegetables.)
Exercise helps, but it has to be routine and average. A rule of thumb in dealing with kundalini is always to refrain from overdoing anything. The system is already overdoing things, and it needs moderation and calmness.
The most important requirement in dealing with this specific experience is to integrate this enhanced energy flow and to learn to ground. To do particularly initially, need help with earthing the abrupt release of these powerful energies. We may also want help with the emotional/mental routines and malfunctions brought into increased activity and under increased pressure by the rising of kundalini.
In cultures where many know and understood kundalini, individuals getting the encounter will normally be supported to take time out of their everyday life for a retreat while the energy rebalances and likely to work closely with a teacher who understands the process. In our Western society, we frequently do not understand that make an effort to carry on with all of the demands of ordinary life while we try to integrate the changes that are kundalini and we must do this. This is done, but it requires exceptional attention to the matters mentioned previously like diet, exercise, and meditation. It is also really helpful if we can get time for mini-retreats - occasional days of solitude and quiet. Things like long outside walks or working in a garden also are helpful, as is paddling in an ocean or a river. Time spent with nature is not wasted and also you may well find new features of nature with your enhanced subtle awareness.
The only thing I can say for sure is that the kundalini growing encounter is worth having (but I like roller coasters), along with the end outcomes of enhanced psychic strength, increased firmness, and greater therapeutic skill are well worth going through the chaos of the transition interval. Complete integration may take - two or three is due.