Acupressure Massage In Grayslake And Gurnee Is Both Therapeutic And Relaxing

Visiting a beauty salon for enhancing the appearance happens to be a favorite pastime for many. However, simply trying to look good by putting on a lot of makeup is transitional and taking the geek off the face is quite tiresome. The best course therefore is to opt for a relaxing acupressure massage in Grayslake and Gurnee that not only rejuvenates the skin but is also therapeutic in nature. Saving time by choosing do pile different processes together is a strict no-no though. Removing the unwanted hair from the extremities as well as the face and various parts of the body via total body waxing in Libertyville and Gurnee may not work when the client requests for a massage session immediately after it. The professionals usually prefer to keep the two procedures separate as the results would be less than satisfactory otherwise.

There are many who shy away from requesting an Acupressure massage session simply because they often confuse it with the techniques employed for acupressure. It is not the same though. There are absolutely no pins used during a massage session, the therapist uses his/her hands to exert a gentle pressure on selected areas of the body instead.

The Process

This age old Asian therapeutic massage is based on the ancient belief wherein the qi (yin / yang) rests in 14 different muscle points of the body. The energy gets disrupted from time to time and a gentle application of pressure on specific muscles corrects the imbalance of the body thereby restoring the harmony. The modern medicos also believe that tightening or injuries of the muscle may cause a sudden flare up of pain that can be assuaged by massaging the concerned part of the body. It works wonderfully well in relieving pain even chronic pain & other ailments in some cases. It is not recommended to try the technique without proper training though as the results may not be as effective and may even cause some wear and tear of the muscles due to faulty application of pressure.

Acupressure Massage session

A single session usually includes but is not limited to stimulation of specific areas of the body especially the feet, hands, and spine. The patient is asked to sit in a chair or lie prone on a mat provided by the center. The therapists exert pressure on all 14 points even when there is no pain associated with all specific points. The massage relieves the tense muscles somewhat and relieves the aching extremities as well as the back.

What does the massage cure?

  • An acupressure massage is recommended for relief of:-

  • Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Aches, Arthritic Pain, Joint Pain, Muscular Pain

  • Anxiety / Stress

  • Menstrual Cramps

  • Pains caused by ulcers

  • Gastric Problems

  • Sinusitis

While a certified practitioner of acupressure techniques is not mandatory, it may be best to engage the services of a reputed masseur who has been trained in the procedure and has some associated experience.