Acne Facts Exposed

You may think you understand the real facts about acne as its one of the most common skin complaints, but did you know it stems back from The Greeks? Actually the term "acne" means a point of the skin that is ready to erupt! Very apt indeed.

It is estimated that around 90% of us are affected from acne at some time in our life. The most common type of acne is called acne vulgaris and mostly includes pimples and blackheads, which the majority of us suffer from from time to time. The more serious edition of acne vulgaris can require medical intervention or more well equipped over the counter acne treatments.

Some forms of acne can cause more suffering as it more noticeable, such as Rosacea acne which in turn causes red blotching on your skin. This is could be fairly common amongst adults between your ages of 30 and 60, which explains why it is frequently known as adult acne.

Probably the most disturbing stage of life to suffer from acne is during your teenage years. This is whenever your body is undergoing adjustments so when you are developing your character. Suffering from embarrassing acne can lead to increased self-confidence issues. Luckily for most of us acne ceases to become a problem past those teenage years.

If acne is really getting you down then you could look to try an over the counter acne treatment that has been clinically proven to tackle acne. These natural pimples products will get rid of acne permanently so that you need not suffer any more. In case you are unsure which acne product could work for you, you may take a look at the many acne reviews online.