Accounting Help? Very simple journaling that I hope to get help on.?

Investors opened a dry cleaning service, called One Hour Cleaners, by depositing $60,000 into a business bank account in exchange for common stock.
Dr Cash 60,000
Cr Common Stock 60,000 Paid two years' rent in advance, $14,400.
Dr Prepaid Rent 14,400
Cr Cash 14,400 Purchased dry cleaning equipment for $40,000. Paid $8,000 in cash, the remainder on credit. (to be paid on the 20th)
Dr Dry Cleaning Equipment 40,000
Cr Cash 8,000
Cr Accounts Payable 32,000 Paid $300 for the weekly wages.
No entry Recorded cash received for services performed during the week, $3,000.
Dr Wages Expense 300
Cr Cash 300 Dr Cash 3,000
Cr Dry Cleaning Revenue 3,000 Paid for the remainder of the equipment purchased on April 6
Dr Accounts Payable 32,000
Cr Cash 32,000 Received $200 in advance of cleaning and boxing a wedding gown.
Dr Cash 200
Cr Unearned Dry Cleaning Revenue 200 Performed $500 of dry cleaning services for Wilbert's Tuxedo Shop, which will be due in 3 days.
Dr Accounts Receivable 500
Cr Dry Cleaning Revenue 500 Purchased $400 of supplies on credit.
Dr Supply 400
Cr Accounts Payable 400 Received payment from Wilbert's Tuxedo Shop.(April 23rd transaction)
Dr Cash 500
Cr Accounts Receivable 500 Received a telephone bill for $100, which will be paid in two weeks.
Dr Telephone Expense 100
Cr Accounts Payable 100 href='' - -