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Economic Profit Vs. Accounting Profit Economic and accounting profits are both financial entities that help measure the performance of the company. The economic profit vs. accounting profit article below elaborates on the key differences between the two.Ledger Balance Explained A ledger balance is nothing but the difference between the debits and credits of a ledger account for a given accounting period. This Buzzle article explains the concept with the help of an example.What is the Meaning of Fixed Expenses? Fixed expenses do not vary with the change in production; they remain constant. This Buzzle article furnishes its meaning in detail along with examples.5 Revenue Recognition Methods Revenue recognition policy impacts the representation of your financial statements as well as the tax liability to be computed thereon. There are various revenue recognition methods which have to be adopted as per the peculiarity...Differences Between Capital and Revenue Expenditure Expenses can be of capital or revenue in nature. This classification is vital so that the financial statements reflect the true position of the entity. Buzzle, in the following article, furnishes information about the differences...Net Sales Vs. Gross Sales Before starting a company, you should understand the comparison of net sales vs. gross sales. The article below highlights the difference between the two entities.Accounting Process Accounting is used for gaining quantitative information about the finances. The accounting process includes a sequence of activities that involve recording the income and expenditure of an organization. This Buzzle article will...Purpose of Accounting Companies invest a lot of time and money in maintaining their accounts. Besides being a mandatory requirement, maintaining proper accounts can help the company in various ways. Listed below are some of the reasons why it is so...Internal Controls in Accounting Accounting is a crucial field that demands compliance with many standards and statutory requirements. Internal controls in accounting are not only a statutory requirement, but - - are also instruments of financial management.Cost Control Management In this world of cut-throat competition, it is essential for a company to adapt to changes in the long run. Cost control is, basically an adaptation by companies to improve their profitability with less expenses.Expense Report Sample Organizations use an expense report to record the expenditure incurred by the employees during a business trip. In this article, we will take a look at some sample expense reports.
An Introduction to Financial Accounting Accounting is a very important/critical process, with the help of which, the management of an organization attempts to manage and control its economic performance. If you are an accounting student, or aspire to pursue your career...Basic Accounting Concepts and Principles Accounting refers to the systematic recording of business transactions and preparation of statements relating to assets, liabilities and functioning results of a business. Accounting has to follow certain fundamental rules that...Accounting Profit Formula The growth of a business depends on the accounting profit earned in a financial year. That makes it imperative for any business to track and calculate it. Here, we have provided the formula for calculating accounting profit along...Cost Method of Accounting To explain the cost method of accounting in simple terms, an investor lists his investment expense or the actual cost of the stock on a single line of an investment balance sheet. Likewise, when he sells the stock, the income would...Job Cost - you can look here - Sheet Do you need to make a job cost sheet in order to keep track of the costs incurred in providing services to customers? If yes, then in this article, you will learn how to draft a cost sheet with the help of a template.U.S. GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles U.S. GAAP is the standard platform of guidelines regarding rules for financial accounting that're needed in the preparation of financial statements. Although quite flexible in its rules, this framework is based upon certain...Types of Accounting Careers If you are good with numbers, then a career in accounting must be explored. Let's take a look at some of the different types of careers in accounting.Hybrid Method of Accounting With the steady rise in the volume and sizes of businesses, conventional accounting evolved into double entry systems, subsequently cost accounting and managerial accounting were also introduced. Today, the world of finance, is yet...Cost Method of Accounting for Investments The cost method of accounting for investments is used to determine the profit and loss of any investment. Apart from that, this method is also used to compute the return on investment of a certain investment. To know more about...Cash Method of Accounting The cash method of accounting is a well-known and widely used technique which has some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we shall know about this accounting technique in detail.Accrual Method of Accounting How does the accrual method of accounting expenses work? This might be a question before many students of accounting and finance. In this article, I shall present to you the workings of this method as well as its rules and...Job Costing Vs Process Costing If you are confused about what exactly is the difference between job costing and process costing, this article will help in clearing out the concept. Here I compare the two processes.How to Calculate Net Income after Taxes If you are looking for clear guidelines explaining the calculation of net income after taxes, this article will definitely be a helpful read. Along with an explanation of the procedure, an online calculator is presented, which...Gross Sales There are various metrics through which an organization can gauge its efficiency. The total sales of a company are measured by calculating its gross sales. Let us know more about the topic.Liability Vs. Expense In the following Buzzle article the comparison of liability vs. expense has been given, by enlisting a few of their distinguishing points. Keep reading...Audit Procedures for Cash Every organization must have checks and balances to ensure transparency and accountability in financial matters. The cash audit is one such procedure that every business puts in place. Read through this article to learn more about...Percentage of Completion Method An accounting method, percentage of completion is used to evaluate the cost of ongoing long term projects by computing the cost of the project in the current fiscal year. This method to ascertain cost has a very effective formula...Accounts Receivables Turnover Ratio This ratio is an indication of the efficiency of a company in collecting credit sales. While computing this ratio only credit sale is included. The higher the ratio means greater the efficiency which is a desirable aspect for any...What Is Cost Accounting When one indulges in business, cost accounting is the most essential component that systematically evaluates the costs that the organization incurs.Objectives of Accounting The financial plans of any firm or business depends on the accounting objectives. In this article, we will take a brief look at what are the primary objectives of accounting and try to understand the influencing factors and the...Unearned Revenue What is unearned or deferred revenue? How is the liability associated with it calculated? Read to find all the answers.Revenue Recognition Principle Are you coping with accountancy and its various principles? Well, as far as the revenue recognition principle is concerned, help is here!Cost Sheet Template The objective of any cost accounting, costing, and cost sheet, is simple; derive the cost of goods based upon the cost that has been incurred to manufacture those goods.
Examples of Intangible Assets Assets are classified into two main types - tangible and intangible. Go through this article for some information about intangible assets.
Accrued Liabilities Being aware of the accounting concepts under GAAP is essential for all accountants and students of management and accounting. The article below explains what accrued liabilities are.Cost Recovery Method This article aims at explaining the cost recovery method in accounting, along with an example. Read to know all about this important accounting technique.Generally Accepted Auditing Standards It is absolutely essential for an independent auditor to comply with the '10 Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)'. This Buzzle article enlists these standards, to help you understand what it takes to achieve quality...Accounting Conventions A thorough knowledge of accounting conventions and practices is very essential for all accountants, management students, as well as businessmen.Profit Margin Ratio This article will tell you all about the profit margin ratio and what it indicates for a business. While the turnover is an important consideration, it is this ratio that ultimately denotes the financial health of a business.What is Contribution Margin All you ever wanted to know about a contribution margin - this website - has been explained in this article. By calculating this valuable parameter, important decisions about the future of a product can be made.Accrued Expenses in Accounting In the following article, the financial concept of accrued expenses has been discussed. To know more about accrued expenses, read on.Prepaid Expenses in Accounting The concept of prepaid expenses is occasionally used in financial, cost, and managerial accounting policies. Read this Buzzle article to know more about the subject.Accounts Payable Procedures Accounts and finance departments often deal with a type of liability known as accounts payable. In the following article, a brief elaboration on some of the general procedures for listing accounts payable is given.What is Accrued Revenue? The accounting concept of accrued revenue is discussed in this article. Read to know all about this important parameter.What is Owners' Equity It is important for all businessmen to be aware of what owners' equity is and how it is quantified. In this article, we explain the concept, along with the formula used to calculate the same.Tangible Assets The concept of tangible assets is extremely easy to understand. Find out how, in the article below.What is Accounts Payable This article is a brief explanation of what the term, accounts payable means in accounting parlance. Read to know all about this vital financial parameter.Accounting Cycle Steps Understanding the accounting cycle is of prime importance for students, as well as those working as accountants in different firms. In what follows, the steps of this cycle are described in detail.Debit Vs. Credit The world of commerce revolves around the terms debit and credit. Here, a small comparison between the two terms have been explained. To know more, read on.What is Managerial Accounting? Accountancy is a pretty vast domain and has much more to it than just arithmetic calculations. In this article, we will look at one of the fundamental branches known as managerial accounting.How to Prepare a Cost Sheet There may be many questions in the minds of many businessmen who have their own factories, prominent among them being, how to prepare a cost sheet. Well, this article will tell you all about it.Cost Accounting Vs. Financial Accounting The two techniques, financial accounting and cost accounting, are synchronous to each other yet targeted for different interested parties. The concept and some technical factors that differentiate the two are provided in the...Gross Vs. Net Profit In the following article, some important distinguishing points between gross and net profit have been discussed. The convention of calculating them is very common and is widely followed in the business world.Types of Accounting The word 'accounting' is used in a very abstract manner; however, it encompasses many financial methodologies. The article below contains some basic types of accounting, which will help you understand the fundamental knowledge...Matching Principle The concept of matching principle in accounting helps in linking revenue earned to the associated costs incurred. Read the following article to understand this concept in detail.Accounting Ethics Accounting is an integral part of our business and finance world. However there are some accounting ethics to be kept in mind for all financial transactions made. It is quite important to follow these paradigms to run a profitable...Why is Accounting Important We have all heard about accounting, but have you ever wondered why is accounting important? Here we give you the reasons of why is accounting so important not only for a business but also in our day-to-day lives. Read on...Accounting Principles and Concepts The accounting principles are rules that apply the practices of accounting and give guidelines to deal with complex transactions. These principles are then divided into different concepts and conventions. Read the Buzzle article to...What is a Multi-Step Income Statement? If you are planning to invest in the stock market, then you need to understand the basic financial terminologies, such as multi-step and single-step income statements, balance sheet, statement of cash flow, etc. This will help you...What is Cost Benefit Analysis? Cost benefit analysis helps us to make business decisions regarding different projects. As the name suggests, it also helps us to identify the amount of capital to be spent and the benefits to be made from a particular project.Importance of Accounting The importance of accounting and its scope has increased, as accountancy has not just remained a skill of keeping records. Deep analysis, compliance, rectification, and lawfulness have become some new integrals of accounting.Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing One of the most apparent benefits of accounting outsourcing is that operating costs of the company gets reduced substantially. This article focuses on the advantages that this kind of outsourcing has...Accounts Receivable Aging Report In the world of business, an accounts receivable aging report is a very important statement that is used to record data related to the debtors of a business. Here, we have provided a sample aging report that will help you draft one...Horizontal Analysis Horizontal analysis is one of the foremost techniques in financial management and analysis. It is very useful in calculating the growth of an item over a timeline that the analyst chooses.Vertical Analysis Vertical analysis is an integral part while carrying out the overall financial analysis of any firm. Here is more about how to do one.Purchase Order Sample Want to know how to draft a purchase order? Learn how to buy an order sample for yourself, with the help of this article.Billing Statement Template Notifying a customer about his balance and requests payment is the aim behind sending a billing statement. Read the following article that provides some useful information and a template for the same.Income Statement Format How to prepare an income statement format which is easy to understand and update? Here's an article which will teach you the correct income statement format.What are Tangible Fixed Assets? Tangible fixed assets is a term that is commonly used by people studying finance, economics and accountancy. Read ahead to know more...Income Statement Template What is the best way of making an easy-to understand and easy-to-use income statement? Since it is a formal affair, you can pick out an example of your choice and go along with it.Cost Control Methods Business managers throughout the world fight a never-ending battle against rising costs. Cost control methods are constantly being derived, developed, deployed, and discarded, in order to reduce the cost of all operations.Equity Method of Accounting If you wish to learn about the equity method of accounting for investments in common stock, you have come to the right place. This article will give you all the details on the definition, equity accounting for joint ventures, and...Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Bachelor's degree in accounting is a precondition to work as an accountant in the finance sector. Every organization whether a multinational company, or a small organization, or even a grocery shop, need to maintain its accounts.Comptroller Job Description This article speaks about the comptroller job description, a career which is ' high in demand' because of the decent salary range and excellent career outlook.Glossary of Accounting Terms and Definitions Bookkeeping and accountancy deal with maintaining record of all the transactions that a business/individual makes. The Buzzle article below provides a glossary of accounting terms and definitions that are most commonly-used.