Academic Essay Writing: Few Rules and Tips for Students

During their course of study, students should complete a great number of essays on different topics. As a matter of fact, academic essay writing is not the easiest task and it requires students to possess good writing and thinking skills.

There are many types of essays. Each type of the academic essay writing has its particularities and certain rules. It is rather hard to remember all of them, however, there are several general rules of the academic essay writing that every student should be aware of.
Consider below several tips that will help you succeed in your academic essay writing.

  1. First of all, you should know the purpose of your writing. Are you going to compare, explore the issue, inform persuade or amuse the reader. The purpose of your academic essay writing defines the structure and style of your assignment.

  2. So, there are several important steps for the academic essay writing one should follow. The first step is to examine your topic and find the appropriate information on the issue.

  3. The second step of the academic essay writing is organizing your notes and other information so that you could formulate a thesis statement.

  4. Bear in mind that thesis statement is one of the most important parts of the academic essay writing process. It should not be short and it should be specific. The thesis statement should be placed at the end of an introductory part.

  5. After formulating the statement, you should make an outline of your essay. Organize your points in a logical way so that they will be situated in your essay. It is an important part of the academic essay writing as it will make your further work on the essay easier.

Now, write your essay and revise it twice in order to avoid grammar and stylistic errors. You should also make use of transition phrases in your academic essay writing to link one paragraph to the next one.