About Dr. Jim Eells: The Reason Behind the Growing Popularity of Concierge Medicine and Who Serves t

Dr. Jim Eells Content Consultants Dr. Jim R. Eells is a certified physician who has long been in the business for almost 20 years. He graduated from the medicine school of the University of Nevada and has earned his medical license since 1992. The principal point of his vocation is on providing concierge service to all his patients in the city of Vegas. Also known as retainer medicine, concierge medicine is described as a connection between a patient and a physician. The patient pays annually to the physician so that the latter will completely render complete medical service to the patient. The physician must then consign his time and availability to a restricted bunch of patients in order to attend to the every need and requirements of his patients.

Undoubtedly, concierge medicine is one of todays hottest topics. More and more people get to know it better. Many qualified physicians are opting to provide this practice to their respective patients. Meanwhile, to the plenty of health care physicians out there, what makes Dr. Eells concierge service unique is on the most important care exercises he provides. His unique primary care practices revolve wholly around you. From your needs, health and goals, he will always be there to listen. He retains a small practice so that he can sufficiently spend time with his patients and supply them with the personalized and special attention they ought to have. Not only you will absolutely benefit from the practice. Dr. Eells also gains his own advantages.

On your part, you get the opportunity to really know him better and get him as your accomplice to reach your health goals, to restrain your aging process and to prevent long-term illnesses. Dr. Eells, on the other hand, has the opportunity to thoroughly examine your physical and internal health. He will tell all good or bad news to you so that you could sincerely go after the preventive measures he will suggest you to maintain an illness-free and healthy system. Dr. Eells can speak two languages. He is both fluent in English and Spanish. He has been awarded several times for his outstanding service within his field and to his patients. To the many patients he has, they are always awed by how Dr. Eells continues to have a low profile and open-heart in spite his achievements at work.

For those who do not have an idea what is concierge medicine, its definition is simple. It simply pertains to a connection between a physician and his patient. The patient has the chance to receive personalized care from the health care doctor. This will happen if he pays a yearly fee to the physician. Meanwhile, the physician shall be committed to only a limited number of patients. This way, he can surely provide sufficient time and attention to each of his patients. Concierge medicine, aka retainer medicine, has long been around. Nevertheless, there are just a couple of people who get this service. This is mainly because only a few can meet the expense of this expensive service. However today, the service gets popular day by day as it became amazingly cheap and beneficial to human. If concierge practices before are focused on high rates, this rate became really low-cost today.

An additional reason why the service is getting known nowadays is because parents are exactly around to pay the amount. As they want to ascertain their kids health, they become willing to get the service. The choices among physicians who can offer concierge service is vast, allowing parents to choose the best one according to their judgment. In Las Vegas, Dr. Jim R. Eells is a licensed physician who offers personalized care or concierge medicine. Dr. Eells acquired his medical degree from the medicine school of the University of Nevada. In the year 1992, Dr. Eells gained his license. He officially became a physician by then. Unlike most physicians today, Dr. Eells renders his patients with premium service for an annual fee. His optimal service involves physical and diagnostic examination a well medical care across the year.

This physical examination permits Dr. Eells to identify the nutritional deficiencies and diseases that his patients may be at risk of developing. Consequently, he provides his patient with preventative and anti-aging health care that are most likely to obstruct the onset of the disease. To the many patients he has been with, Dr. Eells is best described as an accommodating and generous doctor. Every time there is a patient to his clinic, one of his reputable staffs will courteously welcome you. There will be no waiting time for Dr. Eells is always around. Its all worth it to make a partnership with Dr. Eells. He will really manage your health to the best way he can!