a sweet, and exciting start to new year :) nature, football, and joyful heart smiles :)

WONDERFUL EXCITEMENT OF THE NEW YEAR!!! :) hot tea CHEERS! :) We're enjoying a great day, and a wonderful start to the new year, 2012. :) There's many great things going on, and lots of special memories being made. :) it was an incredible weekend of fun new years excitement. :) i had so much fun writing cards, and very excited also about writing letters. :) i've began the new year in the writing grove! :) i love it!!! :) i'm very happy and thrilled about mailing cards, and letters. :) i'm going to bring my writing pad into my room tonight, doing some deep dwelving writings about the holiday season. :) i love to write. :) tomorrow is sweet treats tuesday! :) a fun celebrations sweet treats tuesday. :) We're gonna get some treats at dunkin donuts. :) i'm celebrating a wonderful accomplishment, of winning a fantasy football league championship on NFL.com :) i am so happy and excited!!! :) i won my league championship game yesterday. :) in my journal today, i've got some stories about my journey to the fantasy football championship. :) i am smiling and smiling! :) i've gotten back into my healthy eating, enjoying some fruit sampler's teas today. :) i enjoyed an amazing nature walk this morning. :) our nature animal friends are ringing in the new year, with gathering lots of peanuts and bird seeds. :) awww! :) celebrating a wonderful start to 2012, with my beautiful family and beautiful friends. :)
my family and i hope everyone's enjoying a great day! :) The first full week of 2012 has began. :) i'm super happy, and excited about many great things going on, and all of the special memories being made. :) from the new years eve, and new years holiday celebrations, enjoying all of these special times with family and friends. :) Enjoying clam dinners, and tea, and watching football. :) It's been an amazing stretch of celebrating good times in life, and there's so many great things to look forward too. :) yesterday i had so much fun writing cards, and watching football, and enjoying time online. :) i love reading about everyone's new years celebrations, and sharing your celebrations with my family. :) We're with eachother in spirit. :) it sure is a thrilling start to the new year. :) my mom and dad are so nice, and sweet. :) they surprised me yesterday, like i surprised them on saturday. :) my mom and dad came home yesterday, with a clam dinner for me! :) awww! :) i enjoyed my dinner yesterday evening. :) i said to my mom and dad, "Thank you so much! i enjoyed my dinner" :) awww! :) we'll always and forever remember holidays 2011, and the beginning of 2012. :) the new year, has started so very nicely. :) i've gotten back into a nice healthy eating pattern, and also drinking more water, and enjoying some nice extended nature walks in the morning. :) very soon i want to begin taking many nature pictures, and making pictures collage videos to share with everyone. :) i am hyped up! :)
i feel very happy, joyful, and excited :) it's a sweet sunny day here in CT :) This morning i spotted bluejays, seagulls soaring, and a red headed woodpecker visiting our yard. :) The bluejays love to gather the peanuts, and the squirrels love those peanuts too. :) awww! :) i'm feeling a wonderfully appreciative spirit within, and a beautiful warmth within my heart. :) i feel fresh, and spirited, and really excited about this new year. :) i love keeping with the traditions, and hobbies i enjoy throughout the year, spending quality time here on DS, writing, nature walks, gardening, baking, watching tv/movies, and there's a hobby i enjoy also, during football season, it's called Fantasy football. :) it's become big over the years, and yesterday was the final week of the season. :) i participate in the fantasy football, and had my best season ever. :) i would love to take this time, to share with everyone, my journey, and adventure, to a fantasy football league championship. :)
FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION!!! :) oh my!!! :) oh boy! :) i am so very happy, excited, thrilled, and honored! :) I WON MY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP, ON NFL.COM :) final score, 158-150 :) i am smiling and smiling! :) my first NFL.com Fantasy Football League Championship! :) i just had to share this super cool and awesome news with everyone! :) i was up late last night, watching the final game of the NFL regular season, between the Giants and Cowboys. :) yesterday, was the Fantasy football League Superbowl Championship game. :) it was my team, vs someone's team, for the Championship of the league. :) my team, named Redskins1981 vs their team, named Vegas Gamers :) It was a showdown, and lived up to the championship matchup, as it went down to the final drive of last night's game. :) it was a classic! :) i was holding onto that lead, and when the game ended, i began to celebrate and celebrate! :) i kept my computer on last night to follow the championship game score, and when i won, the league owner congratulated me. :) awww! :) it's my first ever NFL.com fantasy football league championship. :) WOW! :) i am on cloud 9! :) my mom and dad are so happy and excited for me! :) i kept them updated throughout the day yesterday. :) i was glued to the games, especially last night's game, and the Patriots vs Bills game earlier in the day. :) i was going back and forth, from my computer room, to our living room, and kitchen. :) my mom and dad came into my room to check out the game. :) here's a link to the league :)
i'm a big fan of fantasy football. :) it's a hobby, and truly is lots and lots of fun each week, setting lineup, and watching the games, cheering for teams and players. :) NFL.com fantasy football is a free feature, on NFL.com :) millions of football fans play :) the journey, begins in August, when you can begin to join a league on there. :) it's so exciting, joining a league, and then beginning to pre-rank the players. :) for our league, we had an automated draft. :) You get to rank all of the players, i usually rank about my top 120 players in the NFL, and then the draft in mid to late august, you get your team. :) Then, the fun continues, as you get to check out the free agent players. :) i got Tom Brady in the draft, some good running backs, and the Ravens defense. :) Your team consists of the following that you get to start each week. :) 1 Quarterback, 3 running backs, 3 recievers, 1 tight end, 1 field goal kicker, and 1 defense. :) Everyone gets their team, and you also have backup players. :) There's a waver wire, where you can release and sign players, and can even trade players to other people in your league. :) in our league, we had 12 participants. :)
The season begins, with week 1, and you go up against people in your league, it's your team, vs their team. :) it's so exciting. :) The players recieve fantasy football points for how well they do in the games. :) i had some great signings, free agents, including the Patriots tight end player, Gronkowski, Packers reciever, Jordy Nelson, and also Dolphins running back, Reggie Bush. :) i began the season with a win, and the season was zipping by really fast, i was 4-3 at one point. Every sunday, i would pull up the league, my matchup, having some snacks, drinks, watching the games, spending quality time here on DS, and would check in on my matchup to see how well my team was doing. :) i had a stretch, where i won 5 games in a row, some were comebacks too, wow! i was on a roll, and i remember one night, our dear, and lovely friend Holly and i were watching the Patriots vs Chiefs monday night football game, and right after we were done talking, i went out into the kitchen to get a snack, went into my room to check the game, and my players scored a touchdown, i called Holly right back up! :) hehe! :) also, our dear, and lovely friend Gaye (luvmytitans) loves football too, and plays fantasy football. :) it's so much fun and very exciting watching and discussing the games. :)
At a point in the season, i was 9-3, and finished the season, 10-5. :) i clinched a playoff spot. :) i made the playoffs, only 4 participants out of 12 make the playoffs. it's really tough to make the playoffs. the first playoff game, i won 127-114. :) i knew, that i was most likely, going to be playing in the superbowl, a person who's team name is Vegas Gamers. :) Vegas Gamers, had the regular season's best record, 12-3, a really high scoring team, i knew my team would need to have it's best performance, to have a chance of winning the superbowl. :) during the week, i found out 2 of my players were gonna miss the finale of games, so i signed some more players, i set my lineup, and then 1pm games began yesterday, it was on! it was on! :) SUPERBOWL!!! :) Redskins1981 vs Vegas Gamers for the league championship. :) The matchup began, very close, 2 to 2, 3 to 2, i took an early lead of 19-8, then i was rolling, oh my! i had a 36-11 lead, but Vegas gamers came back, some of my players were having rough first halfs, it was about 50-40, then my team, WENT CRAZY!!! they went WILD! WILD! WILD!!! oh my! :) Brady to Gronkowki, Jordy Nelson, touchdowns! touchdowns!!! oh my! oh my!!! :) my team was going absolutely wild, doing amazing!!! i took a 88-48 lead, and then, my team went wild again! before i knew it, it was 141 to 71, i was going wild! cheering and cheering! :)
This was so much fun!!! :) i was keeping my mom, dad, family, and friends updated. :) i was so very into the game! :) my lead was huge, but in the 4pm games, Vegas Gamers had 2 running backs, and a defense going, i had the Ravens defense going, and Vegas Gamers got lots and lots of points from one of their running backs, they made a huge comeback, it was 158-131, going into last night's game, where they had the Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. :) my dad and i stayed up to watch the game. :) i was cheering for low scoring game, for the Giants defense to do well, they had a 21-0 lead, Cowboys Romo got 2 touchdown passes, oh my! it was close! it was close! i checked the score, final minute of game, i had a 158-152 lead, Cowboys had the football, around mid-field, and the Giants tackled Romo, he fumbled the ball, Giants got it, it was -2 points for Romo, and the Giants won the game, i won my fantasy football league championship, 158-150. :) WOW! WOW! WOW! :) it was an amazing superbowl championship matchup. :) the league owner congratulated me on the league, i thanked him, and also thanked Vegas Gamers for the amazing game, and also thanked everyone in the league for the awesome season. :) i was really amazed, at how many points my team scored. :) i think my highest total was about 130 during the regular season, and for my team to save the best for last, it was magical! :) i had so much fun this season. :)
this is my first fantasy football league championship on NFL.com :) i began playing fantasy football in 2004, and i made it to the superbowl twice on NFL.com in 2004, and 2005, and on espn.com in 2005, i won a league championship on espn.com but never had won one on NFL.com :) i can now proudly add to my NFL.com membership profile, that i'm a 2011 fantasy football league champion. :) i am so very happy, excited, and thrilled! :) This morning i shared the awesome news with Holly and Gaye, and on the league, there's a special section, honoring me as the league champion. :) awww! :) i took a picture of the special section. :) This was such an amazing season, that i will always and forever remember. :) i did some reflecting back upon the season today. :) i'm gonna miss the matchups each week, as it's now the off-season. i already can't wait until next season to try to win another league championship. :) The league owner, is going to email us all link to the new league next year. :) the NFL playoffs are set now, and ready to begin next weekend, and countdown to superbowl 46 is on! :) i'm so very happy, and thrilled to share my league championship with everyone, and my story, and journey of this season. :) i'm celebrating with everyone. :) i want to get a peach iced tea tomorrow. :) CHEERS! to a wonderful football season. :)
We're enjoying a great day! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed 2 baked potatoes with salsa for topping, some vegetable soup, and pineapple. :) lunch was delicious! :) for snack, i had some grapenuts cereal, an orange, and some black olives. :) i've been enjoying some nice quality time here on DS today, writing to friends, reading journals, and viewing friends pictures. :) i've also been listening to some sports radio. :) it's a really nice sunny start to the new year, both days so far, have been very sunny. :) tonight, i'm going to bring my notepad and paper into my room, and going to do some writing, and putting some tv on. :) Tomorrow is sweet treats tuesday!!! :) we're gonna go to dunkin donuts to get some nice treats. :) i want to get a peach iced tea. :) i'm also gonna take pictures of my writing area tomorrow to share with everyone. :) i'm feeling a wonderful joy, happiness, peace, energy, and excitement within, celebrating each day to the fullest, with my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) i'm going to enjoy some pineapple for snack tonight. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a nice day" :) She says, "have a good night" :) awww! :) we love you all bunches and bunches! :) my family and i hope everyone's enjoying a great day. :)
Happy new year nature smiles :) awww! :) it's a beautifully sunny start to the new year. :) 2 days of wonderful sunshine. :) 2012 is shining! :) i've been enjoying my nature walks, feeding our wonderful nature animal friends. :) it's getting very cold outside, we love to make sure our nature animal friends have lots of goodies to stock up on for winter season. :) You all are always right there with me in spirit, during my adventures. :) This is a picture of a happy smiling bluejay. :)

First sunrise of the new year. :) the sky was glowing yesterday during sunrise hour. :) a wonderful new year, rising and shining :)

i had lots of fun setting up my writing area, and writing cards. :) this is a picture i took yesterday, as i was getting ready to write cards :)

Fantasy football champion :) awww! :) i am so very happy, excited, and thrilled! :) i won my fantasy football league championship. :) 158-150. :) it was an incredible journey all season, a journey that began last august, from joining a league, to pre-ranking top 120 NFL players, having the league draft, signing players, setting lineup, and cheering and cheering each week, for teams and players. :) This is a season, that i will always and forever remember. :) i had so much fun this season, and to win the championship of the league, i am very very excited. :) i already can't wait until next season :) the NFL playoffs are beginning next weekend. :) the countdown to superbowl 46 is on. :)
on the NFL.com fantasy football league, there's a special message posted, congratulating me. :)

This is a picture of the fantasy football league superbowl matchup. :) it was a classic matchup. :) 158-150 :)



Hi Chris Glad you had a nice day.It\'s great you won your fantasy football championship. I am so happy for you.I enjoyed your journal an bluejay photo. I\'m glad you had such a great weekend and a good start to your week.Your writing area is looking super.Love the sunrise photo too. Thanks for my nice hugs today. Hugs to all there-Stephanie

Dearest Chris... I am so glad you had such a nice day today!! Sounds like you really enjoy the Fantasy Football and CONGRATS on your BIG WIN!!! I admit that pro football does little for me and the Buckeyes lost their playoff game today as well... Rough year for the Bucks all around...

Sounds like you are having an excellent start to your year!! I spend the day taking down the tree then cleaning the mess... Lots of work and my legz feel it tonight!

For some reason, I still have much to finish before I can be done with the day... Because I got no computer time today, I\'ve got to search the ads before my trip to town tomorrow. I\'m hoping we don\'t get much snow tonight as I have yet to get any weight in the back of my truck... May have to wait until the afternoon, but we\'ll see...

Love to you all and have a great evening in CT!! Pupz are relaxing, Guy is racing, and I\'m looking for sales on COFFEE before we run completely out! That would be a true calamity!!! LOL xoxoxo Cj

Congratulations! Wow!! That\'s fabulous that you won the fantasy football game!! Wow!! :D what fun and how rewarding :)) Well done :)

A lovely relaxing time here in Brisbane. The weather\'s sitting around 30 degrees celcius, nice breeze, just right :) The plants are enjoying the weather. My geraniums are blooming and blooming! I\'m waiting for my new red geraniums to start flowering, they\'re still getting over the shock of replant I guess. My baby capsicums are starting to do really well! I have some baby baby capsicums - they\'re still green and growing, but in a few weeks I\'ll have little red peppers to put into my food! I also planted some chilli seeds from some chillis I got from our work garden, and I noticed yesterday that they\'ve started sprouting! They\'re really tasty, they have a nice \'kick\' to them, not too hot, and just one spices up a bolognese perfectly. And, they freeze well, so do the baby capsicum. I just got a new fridge/freezer, with a big freezer compartment, so now I can prepare meals in batches and freeze them up, and freeze up my capsicums and chillis too so I\'ll have a good supply :) The marigolds and jade continue to do well, although the marigolds are starting to get a bit stringy, and at the end of their run I think. More room for chilli plants ;-)

Sending love to you all xxoo

congrats on winning your fantasy football game!!!! i know trey does that to, i wonder how he did. great pics too!!! i am so glad you were enjoying your day. have a great sweet treats today!!!! ttyl

Hi Chris, congrats, on being the FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION!!! That totally ROCKS!! I know how much you love it, so i know how you would feel to actually win it, YAHOOO!!! Good for you thats so great! =o)
WOW your first sunrise of the year is absolutely stunning!!!
love you bunches & bunches
hugs for all =o)

Way to go Chris!!! That\'s cool! What a great way to start the new year!!! Love and hugs! XOXO

Congratulation for being the Fantasy football Champion. That is so nice you are enjoying witting, and were taking your writting pad to your room to write all about you season. It is always so nice to look back at all the lovely memories of 2011. hugs xx

Dear Chris,awesome winning the Fantasy Football Campion! :)
love your pictures of the Sunrise and the Bluejay! :) Thank you
so much for your very special Friendship! :)
Thinking of you and your family... :)

with Love,

Lovely photo of the sky Chris :) x