a super monday! :) nature and post office adventure! :)

SUPER MEGA SWEET SPONTANEOUS AWESOME, SWEET MONDAY POST OFFICE ADVENTURE!!! :) oh my! :) oh boy!!! :) a week of double fun adventures has began!!! :) my mom and i enjoyed a super fun, and super sweet, confidence soaring post office adventure today! :) we had some very special delivery's for friends, for their birthday's! :) the experience went really well, i was in that sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence soaring zone. :) i had some awesome social interaction, and public speaking! :) it got quite busy there, but i handled it so very well, and i am smiling and smiling! :) i'm so very happy, delighted, and thrilled! :) There's some very special gifts on their way to friends right now, bringing our love, and happy birthday wishes across the miles, with many happy friendship smiles :) A spirited new years week, has lead us into another beautiful week of the month of January, that is rocking and rolling! :) The celebrations, traditions, and festivities are on! :) we're counting down the days, until my mom and dad's 47th wedding anniversary! :) i enjoyed a wonderful nature walk this morning! :) the woodpecker bird was gathering peanuts! :) awww! :) We had lots of fun watching the football games yesterday. :) we're looking forward to the 2nd round of the playoffs. :) This is a great time of the year. :) Tomorrow is sweet treats tuesday! :) dunkin donuts, here we come!!! :)
This is such a pure wonderful joy, and very special, getting to celebrate these times with eachother. :) this past weekend, was awesome, and the new week is beginning sweetly, with spirited fun, and spontaneous post office adventure. :) Lots of friendship joy, nature joy, and joys in life, that are very heart warming, special, and beautiful. :) my family and i hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend! :) We had the football party rocking and rolling yesterday throughout the day, with 2 big games. :) Giants won vs the Falcons, and in the late game, the Broncos won an amazing game vs the Steelers, that was so breathe taking, and such an incredible moment in sports, even my mom and dad were cheering and cheering! :) awww! :) our dear, and lovely friend Holly and i were watching the game, and we saw the big play, where the Broncos QB Tim Tebow threw an 80 yard touchdown pass in overtime, we were all so very excited, and i walked into other part of our house, and said to my mom and dad, "Did you see that!" they were cheering! :) wow! :) what an amazing game, and the divisional round of the playoffs is now all set, and ready to rock and roll next weekend, with 4 more big games, that will send 4 teams to the championship sunday weekend the following weekend. :)
It's such a beautiful time of the year, with lots of great things going on, and many very special memories being made. :) i am super excited, and hyped up! :) yesterday, i had lots of fun, setting up, and decorating my writing area for the new week. :) each week, i love to decorate my writing area with a different theme, featuring the beautiful cards, gifts, and treasures my family and i recieve. :) i get so very into the decorating, and the nice deep dwelving moments, of getting ready to write cards, notes, and letters. :) i wrote 10 cards yesterday, i really rocked it with my writings, and i'm ready for some writing too! :) hehe! :) i love it!!! :) this is so much fun!!! :) my family and i have 2 wonderful friends, who have birthday's coming up, Katey (nixfix) and Deb (Stardust), both have birthday's on January 12th. :) my mom and i usually go to the post office on wednesday's, but this week we planned 2 post office adventures, so that we could mail Deb's and Katey's treasures to them, so that they will recieve their treasures in time for their birthday's. :) 2 post office adventures in 1 week! :) double the fun!!! :) oh my! :) we love celebrating these beautiful times with everyone, and are so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives. :) Your friendships are very speical, and precious to us. :) we adore you all. :)
It's sweet classic, and golden January! :) the weather has been absolutely sunny this month, we are in day 9 of pure sunny weather. :) the winter sun shines delightful and brightful, and it has brought our nature animal friends out and about, for some early morning nature fun, as the sun is rising and shining, and the birds taking their first flights of the day, spirit soaring in the golden sunrise sky. :) i love it!!! :) my day today, began with a wonderful nature walk. :) it was such a sweet relaxing, and peaceful morning. :) i brought the whole bag of peanuts out with me this morning, we love to make sure our wonderful nature animal friends are nicely stocked up, with lots of yummy goodies for winter season. :) i was standing by the huge tree, near our organic gardening area, this is where it's like a nature gathering place! :) the bluejays flock to the tree, even the red-headed woodpecker bird has been flocking to this area of our yard too, and the chickadees birds. :) This is sweet nature wild, and is such a wonderful joy to see. :) it warms my heart, and makes me smile and smile. :)
The sun is now directly in the winter zone, as it rises up, this area of our yard, is glowing golden beaming!!! with wonderful sunshine excitement in the early morning. :) i absolutely love it!!! :) i spotted the red headed woodpecker, and i think he's been checking out what the bluejays are gathering, those yummy peanuts! :) awww! :) i was walking over to the bird sanctuary area after watching the birds, and put the peanuts on the tree branches in this area, and i enjoyed a sweet view of the sunrise sky, and then, as i turned around, a BIRD was flying right toward me!!! :) hehe! :) it was that cute little rascal woodpecker! :) wow! whoa!!! :) i thought i was gonna have to duck! :) hehe! :) guess what the woodpecker had? he gathered peanuts, and was flying so very happily. :) awww! :) i watched, as the bird swooped up above my head, and flew into a tree and then began to crack open the peanuts, for a yum yum yummy breakfast. :) awww! :) i was smiling, and smiling right now! :) i love that wholesome heart warming nature. :) i told my mom and dad about my nature walk adventure :)
i also enjoyed some nice quality time here on DS this morning, writing to friends, and i also geared up, for our super sweet monday fun post office adventure. :) i wrapped a treasures package, addressed envelopes, and around mid-morning, we were all set, and ready to rock and roll! :) our first post office adventure of the week, was on! :) sweet glowing January roads, post office, HERE WE COME!!! :) we began our super fun adventure! :) my sister Lisa drove. :) she, my mom, and i love our journey's to the post office, enjoying a nice talk, and nice relaxing and peaceful car ride. :) 3 of our favorite places along the way, malerba's farm, the golf course, and peaceful pond, are very quiet this time of the year, but we're only 10 weeks away from spring, and that joyful spring spirit will be in the air. :) it was so nice, riding to the post office. :) when we arrived there, it looked a bit busy, but i was so very focused, relaxed, calm, and at peace, i already felt like i was in the sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence soaring zone. :) i had my wonderful treasures with me, you all are always right there with us in spirit during our adventures, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angels. :) all the focus i need when going to the post office, is focusing on family and friends smiling and smiling when they recieve their treasures. :) it's a pure gift, and treasure to my heart, that touches my heart in many beautiful ways, and warms my heart, and makes me smile :)
my mom and i walked into the post office, and lined up. :) we were looking at the nice items the post office has, for mailing supplies, gifts, and even some very cool personalized stamps. :) they have a special, where you can use a picture of your own, whether it's a picture of family together, or picture of flowers, it's really neat, you can personally make your own stamps, featuring your picture! :) it's about $16. my mom said, "our friends would love that" :) i said, "i know they will" :) awww! :) it would be so cool, to order personalized stamps sometime. :) the line was moving up, and some more costomers came into the post office and lined up behind us, i didn't get anxious, i felt very confidence, and was in that sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence soaring zone, and ready to mail treasures. :) i was thinking of you all. :) You all give me strength, hope, and inspire me, and have helped me make it this far into my therapy. :) i'm so very blessed! :) i knew i'd have a great chance, and opportunity to have social interaction, and public speaking. :)
The worker called us up, and said hi, and we said hi. :) social interaction! :) awww! :) i am smiling and smiling! :) social interaction, and public speaking, is really big for me. :) it helps build up my foundation of confidence. :) i said to the worker, "We have a package to mail today" :) the worker weighed the package, and asked shipping questions. :) i answered each question clearly. :) the experience was going really well. :) it's truly amazing, to be in the moments of the experience, and i think back, to when i was a bit nervous, and would focus on the costomers behind us, and i remember being afraid that they were staring at me, or afraid of being in the way, and now, my focus, is totally into the wonderful joyful moments of the experience. :) pure focus, and pure joy. :) it's amazing, to come this far into my therapy, this journey, is incredible. :) You all have helped guide me to this great path, and i am so very extremely blessed, and appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :)
i ordered some stamps for my mom. :) i said, "we'd like 8 stamps please" :) social interaction! :) i was speaking up too, i love when i speak up, it's really nice. :) The worker handed me the stamps, and the total, and i gave the money to the worker. :) The worker gave me the change, and my mom and i thanked the worker, and walked out into the mailing area. :) i put our envelopes into the mailing box, and my mom and i walked outside. :) i felt this amazing sense of accomplishment. :) WE ROCKED IT!!! :) a super sweet, and smooth, confidence soaring post office adventure! :) in the parking lot, i thanked my mom and sister Lisa for going to the post office with me. :) it's so nice, and sweet of them. :) i'm going to treat them to some nice treats tomorrow on sweet treats tuesday. :) we enjoyed a nice relaxing, and peaceful car ride home. :) i was thinking of friends smiling and smiling when they recieve their mail. :) each experience, i gain so much from :) we mailed treasures, and i also gain confidence, knowledge, and experience that helps me during future experiences, and also sweet memories from the adventure. :) Thank you everyone, so very much, for all of your wonderful love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me. :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :) i'm with you all, all the way! :) my mom and i are gonna be having our 2nd post office adventure of the week, on super wednesday. :) sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our home to yours :)
We're enjoying a great day! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) it was so much fun going to the post office today. :) it's a really spirited day! :) i've had the sports radio on here in my computer room on the yes network channel, and also enjoying some nice quality time here on DS writing to friends. :) i brewed some dunkin donuts coffee, and made an iced coffee this afternoon. :) CHEERS! :) today for lunch, i enjoyed 2 baked potatoes with salsa topping, and 2 baked salsa tortilla wraps. :) lunch was delicious! :) i'm feeling nicely energized, and really excited about all of the great things going on, and lots of special memories being made. :) my new movie, called "The Blind Side" arrived in the mail today. :) i now have 3 new movies to watch. :) i'm going to treat myself to a movie night tonight. :) this afternoon, i did some writing. :) i began to write a new letter, for my dear, and lovely ds mum (bloss) :) tomorrow is sweet treats tuesday! :) we're gonna go to dunkin donuts to get some treats, and i gonna do some writing, and taking some new pictures of my writing area. :) i'm feeling a wonderful joy, happiness, peace, energy, and excitement within, celebrating each day to the fullest, with my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) i'm going to enjoy an orange tonight, and watching a movie. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a good monday" :) She says, "have a good night" :) awww! :) we love you all bunches and bunches! :) my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day. :)
Happy nature smiles :) oh my! :) The sweet new year nature is rocking and rolling! :) The golden winter sun rising and shining, bringing warmth, and a sweet shining glow to our hearts. :) nature is so very wonderful. :) i enjoyed a WILD nature walk this morning. :) The woodpecker bird gathered peanuts, and flew right toward me! :) hehe! :) it was so cool, and one of those amazing nature moments, that took my breathe away. :) i sure do love sharing my nature walks with everyone, and as we have settled into the new year, i find myself dwelving deep into the heart of that magical nature, especially early in the morning during sunrise hour. :)
The red-headed woodpecker is joining in on the peanuts party's! :)


Mr. Nut Squirrel! :)

movie night! :) i recieved my new movie in the mail, "The Blind Side" :) many friends have mentioned that it's a great movie. :) i am very happy and excited to watch the movie, and looking forward to having a nice movie night. :)



Hi Chris Glad you had a good day.You did very well at the post office. My remodel is winding down slowly. I still have a few workmen in and out for short periods of time.Thursday will be my first full day in my condo without workmen can;t wait to relax. love your woodpecker photo.Thanks for my great hugs today.Enjoy your new movie.Hugs and smiles-Stephanie

dearest Chris... I just know you are going to LOVE that movie!! I really enjoyed it myself... I need to get my act together and look for some things on Amazon as I have credit with them from surveys... I\'m awaiting the return of the cash out to Amazon on Opinion Outpost!

Sounds like you had a great day!!! Little mix up of the dayz with the Post Office today, but it\'s always good to mix it up now and then!! Besides you send so many things that I\'m sure you sometimes need to do that...

Good day today for me with many accomplishments in town along with washing my truck which really needed it! I also picked up canned dog food (Pedigree) for the dogz... Of course, I already have a list started for payday Wednesday for the things I forgot...

Love to you and Mom and Dad and everyone else in CT! Have a super duper evening!! We have a relaxing evening tonight before we start the big bedroom project tomorrow. I admit I took the day off in the house other than a small load of launtree--trying to keep up with it! Tomorrow, the breakfront will be finished (with luck)... xoxoxo Cj

Aww fluffy Mr Nut Squirrel!! He makes me smile :)
I\'m glad you had a good day today. Enjoy your movies! The Blind Side is excellent - I think Sandra Bullock got an award for that.
*hugs* to you all xx

i am so glad you had such a good day and post office experience. you rocked it indeed!!!! great pics too!!
happy sweet treats tuesday!!!! enjoy your trip to dunkin donuts :-)

Hello my dear sweet guardian angel friend =o) OHH Chris im so very proud & happy for you, that you did oh SOOO well at the post office, you totally ROCKED IT =o) I just love to hear you say you were in a pure confident zone, that makes my heart sing!! =o) Im very happy to hear that you & your family are doin well, & are enjoying the playoffs. Im rootin for the Brocos i like rootin for the underdogs, i mean whens the last time they were in the playoffs? Your pictures are totally awesome!! Oh & im glad you liked mine, that means a lot to me. I go to see my shrink today, im hoping she will take me off another medication.
I hope you have a great day.
Happy sweet Treat Tues to you =o)
love you bunches & bunches
Hugs for ALL =o)

Hi Chris, it is always so nice to hear about your Post office adventures and I hope you had a wonderful time going to dunkin donuts getting some sweet treats. You are so sweet to think of your lovely friends birthdays. Hugs xx

I see the woodpecker has been hanging around:))))))