a spirited start to the new year! :) Lets bake some yummy goodies! :)

A SPIRITED START TO THE NEW YEAR!!! :) my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful first week of 2012. :) it's a really spirited start to the new year. :) we're very happy, and excited about lots of nice things going on. :) We're gearing up, for our 1st baking friday adventure of the new year, and also football playoffs beginning this upcoming weekend, with continued spirited writing, nature walks, and fun shopping and post office adventures, tv/movie nights, and lots more! :) the celebrations, traditions, and festivities continue. :) it's a really nice day today, and a great spirited week. :) my mom and i had so much fun yesterday going to the post office, and are already looking forward to next week's double post office adventure week, with going on monday, and wednesday next week. :) the new year is in full swing, and already many special memories being made. :) i made a nice healthy lunch today, and made an iced coffee. :) CHEERS! :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i are gearing up, for a super fun, and super sweet wholesome, yummy goodies themed baking friday adventure tomorrow! :) our first adventure of the new year. :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)
Last night, was a cool ghost hunters party night! :) i brewed some dunkin donuts coffee yesterday afternoon, got a big cup of ice, and also made some popcorn, and last evening i got some pineapple, made an iced coffee, and also put my popcorn in my nice popcorn bowl i got for Christmas, with a handful of m&m's candies sprinkled into the popcorn, i was all set, and ready for ghost hunters! :) my brother Charlie texted me last evening, i said, "are you all watching ghost hunters tonight? :) he and his girlfriend Barbara love to watch ghost hunters, my mom and dad watch the show, and i called our dear, and lovely friend Holly. :) we enjoyed a great talk, and a fun time watching ghost hunters. :) The episodes are rocking and rolling! :) very suspenseful, and thrilling. :) the new season of ghost hunters, season 8, begins next wednesday with a brand new episode. :) it's truly incredible, how they are up to season 8 already. :) in february, a new ghost hunters international season begins too. :)
i've been taking in some nice time today, to reflect back upon the spirited start to the new year. :) it's a wonderful gift, treasure, and blessing, spending this nice quality time with family and friends. :) my family and i enjoy a wonderful time, sharing our days, and adventures with everyone, and hearing about your days, and adventures. :) i'm going to decorate my writing area some more, for the upcoming writings i have planned, this upcoming weekend, and into next week. :) i'm really excited, and thrilled, and filled with lots of joy, to enjoy some peaceful writings, writing about the holidays, and yesterday when i mailed out those cards, letters, and packages, i felt this beautiful warmth within my heart, that i feel each time we mail treasures. :) it makes me so happy! :) on saturday, i'd love to go to the dollar store, and on sunday, maybe walmart. :) i want to buy some goodies, treasures, and another pack of cards, and stickers. :) in the near future, i would also love to go to the christmas tree shop, their cards aisle is amazing, i always stock up on lots of cards there. :) Each time we have went there, i think i usually buy at least 50 cards. :) They have many wonderful varieties at the stores, and i am so excited to select some for my upcoming writing time. :)
This week is really going well, i've been eating healthy, enjoying nature walks, and even did a little online shopping. :) i had a nice $25 bestbuy.com gift card, from mycokerewards.com :) i ordered 2 new movies on there, one is a scary movie, called " Shark Night" and the other movie, is called "The Blind Side" :) it's an inspirational movie about a football player. :) i look forward to my new movies arriving in the mail, and having some movie nights soon. :) This upcoming weekend, is the Wildcard playoffs weekend. :) The football playoffs begin. :) there's 12 teams left, 8 teams play during wildcard weekend, there's Bengals vs Texans, Lions vs Saints, Falcons vs Giants, and Steelers vs Broncos. :) the winners of this weekend's games, advance to the divisional round, to play the Patriots, Ravens, Packers, and 49ers. :) it's gonna be a really amazing playoff season! :) the countdown, and journey to superbowl 46 begins. :)
my family and i look forward to watching the games and celebrating the playoffs season with everyone, and i'm already looking forward to that superbowl sunday in february, cooking lots of foods, soup, burgers, and chili dip. :) it's gonna be great! :) my mom is going to make homemade baked beans with bacon that day too. :) it's so exciting, seeing who makes it to the superbowl. :) my mom and dad have an anniversary coming up, on January 16th, that we look forward to celebrating. :) we want to have a special baking friday anniversary theme for them next friday. :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i are very happy and excited about all of the baking friday adventures to look forward too this new year. :) We love to get creative, and to get the flour flying and flying in the air in the kitchen. :) it's a pure joy, to get to bake, and to share our adventures with everyone. :) i always ask Kayla and Taylynn, "What would you like to bake?" :) awww! :) we're in for a full year, of super fun adventures, and many special memories being made. :)
We're enjoying a nice relaxing, and peaceful day. :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) i enjoyed a nice nature walk this morning. :) it's a bit warmer outside than yesterday. :) i put lots of peanuts all around our yard. :) i saw some bluejays, and Mr. Squirrel, and Mr. Nut Squirrel. :) it's been a fairly mild winter so far, it's truly amazing, how we haven't recieved any snowstorms yet this winter, and they are calling for temperatures to be in the 40's the next week. it's very wild weather. there is a chance, for a snowstorm next week though, if it's cold enough, it could be a huge snowstorm. our dear, and lovely friend Maria (Love4You) and i enjoyed a nice talk today. :) We were talking about nature, and gardening. :) today for lunch, i enjoyed some vegetable soup, and baked potatoes with salsa for topping. :) lunch was delicious! :) i made a nice iced coffee today, i love brewing coffee, and making iced coffees. :) i enjoyed some nice quality time here on DS, writing to friends. :) it's a really nice time of the year. :) i feel very blessed, and thankful. :) my family and i thank you so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) tonight, i'm going to enjoy some pineapple for snack, and going to watch tv. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
calling all cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :) oh my! :) a super fun, and super sweet wholesome, yummy goodies themed baking friday adventure in the kitchen!!! :) This is going to be so much fun!!! :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i are so very happy, and excited about our first baking friday adventure of 2012. :) we sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone. :) keeping with the tradition, a wonderfully wholesome tradition, tomorrow Kayla, Taylynn, and i are going to bake bagel pizza's and homemade macaroni and cheese. :) 2 of our favorite foods. :) i'll take lots of pictures of our adventure to share with everyone. :) many family and friends have joined in on the baking friday fun this week. :) is anyone baking goodies tomorrow? :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone had a good day" :) She says, "have a good night" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches! :) we hope everyone is enjoying a nice peaceful day. :)
my computer room! :) i've been having lots of fun, putting our new cards, and gifts, and treasures around my computer room. :) i love taking pictures of our wonderful treasures to share with everyone. :) i took some new pictures today :) i dedicate my computer room decorations to my family and friends. :) i love you all so very very much! :)
This is a picture of some of our lovely cards, that my family and i have recieved, from our dear, and wonderful friends, from all around the world. :) we're so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives. :) Your friendships are very special, and precious to us. :) in 2007, i put some of our very first cards on this closet door, here in my computer room. :) i love putting our cards all around our computer room. :) displaying the cards, with pure joy, happiness, and a beautiful friendship warmth within our hearts. :) Thank you all, so very much. :) We love you bunches and bunches! :)

This is a picture of 3 of my treasures shelves, here in my computer room. :) i love putting our wonderful treasures on my treasures shelves. :) Over the years, my family and i have recieved many beautifully heart warming treasures. :) it's a pure joy, getting to display the treasures here in my computer room. :) in 2007, i began to put our treasures on these shelves. :) each card, and treasure, is very special, and unique. :) it's filled with your friendship love, that touches our hearts in many beautiful ways. :) we cherish, and treasure your friendships. :) from across the miles, from our home to yours, we send our love, and happy friendship hugs, and smiles :)

This is a picture of my computer room door area :)

The ghost hunters party was rocking and rolling last night. :) i had popcorn, m&m's, pineapple, and iced coffee. :) CHEERS! to a spirited start to the new year :)



Looking forward to your baking Friday themed Baking Friday :D hehehe
A lovely start to your year! Yeah I was wondering about the snowstorms and blizzards there - normally we have news stories here about how bad the weather is over there, but this year it\'s been very quiet - let\'s hope it stays a mild winter for you with no nasty snowstorms. I remember seeing all your winter wonderland photos with snow piled high on the bird bath and tables!
It\'s been a fairly mild summer here, too, which is nice. I hate it when we have day after day of 34 degree heat with no storms to break it. We\'ve had lower temps but higher humidity which suits me better :)
My last day of holidays today :( I gonna do the laundry, download the latest episode of Vampire Diaries, and cook some spaghetti bolognese to freeze up for meals next week.
much love, xxoo

Hi Chris Glad you had a nice day. My remodel has finally started to wind down. Most everything will be done by this Sun, I still have a livingroom rug to be installed and a funiture delivery. I will be happy to have it done. I will be away from my computer and my condo for most of the day tomorrow. I am having my kitchen counter refinished, Too many bad fumes so I will be with my cousin all day. I enjoyed your journal and photos. Your computer room looks great.Thanks for my nice hugs.Have a good night. hugs-Stephanie

Dearest Chris... You will LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blind Side!!! Sandra Bullock is excellent in the movie... I guess I did not know Best Buy has movies... Hmmm... Need to get my butt to Amazon soon!!!

Glad your day was a good one!! I also had a great day with a friend coming over... She put the \"special hair conditioner\" on MY hair and I put her\'s on her hair... It was a big ole girlfriend \"hair conditioner\" party!! LOL

Love to you and Mom and Dad and everyone in CT!! looking forward to BAKING FRIDAY tomorrow!! xoxoxo Cj

Dear Chris, I am very happy you had a wonderful day! Thank you so
much for your \"talk\" You always brighten my day! The movie \'Blind Side\'
is Great! love your computer room and I always enjoy reading your
journal! Thinking of you ,my dear friend and your family! Love and hugs,

i am so glad you had such a good day. happy first week of 2012!!!! great pics too!!!!
have fun baking today!!!! i am sure you all will :-) have a great weekend!!!

HI Chris GREAT journal =o) Im happy to hear that you had a good time last night watching the new Ghost Hunters, thats great! =o) ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! Heehee, i cant find a site where i can watch it live, witch sucks. I hope you & the girls had a great time baking =o) Your computer room looks awesome!! Please say hello to your mom & the girls for me
love you bunches & bunches my nature guardian angel friend.
HUGS for ALL =o)