I thank  you for your sacrifice. i have some unforgiveness  in my life. I have two people that I must forgive. I am not angry about it anymore. The first person that I must forgiver is George W. Bush. I know thaT YOU WANTED TO TALK TO ME. i WAS ANGRY THAT YOU DID NOT STAY AND TALK TO ME.I have since realized that you did not have to stay. I trying to move on by pursuing my dreams. I wish I could do thigs all over again. if you ever do want to talk to me, Please contact me by email or facebook.
The second person I must forgive is Rob. I do not know your last name. I know you are in Intracare North right now still. I also know that I gave you the chance to meet the president    I undderstand that you want to marry me now. i am shocked. I do have another man now. I hope that you will stop crying. I know you are sad now. I am not angry at you anymore. I understand I know that yiou will be happy again. There is someone out there for you. Please open your heart.
Jesus thanks for everything. In jesus name I pary, Amen