a nice shopping adventure, and fun time at my brother's birthday party :)

Happy Saturday! :) Autumn season spirit! :) oh my! :) We're enjoying a wonderful day! :) my mom, Lisa, Kayla, Taylynn, and i had a fun time this morning, having an Early Bird Shopping adventure! :) We went to walmart just a little after 8am! :) it was so nice shopping. :) we bought some nice gifts for my brother Charlie for his birthday. :) i also bought some greetings cards, and browsed around at the clothes and shoes. :) i found a pair of shoes i gonna purchase very soon. :) The shopping experience went really well! :) i was in the sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence soaring zone! :) i bought some BBQ chips, and flavored water for tomorrow's football games. :) Game day snacks. :) This afternoon, we went to my brother's place and had a birthday lunch. :) delicious pasta! :) Lots of great autumn season spirit in the air. :) This morning i enjoyed a wonderful nature walk. :) i was standing in our front yard, the sun rising and shining, and a beautiful seagull flew over our neighborhood. :) autumn season is beginning to arrive here, with some trees beginning to change colors. :) It's a really nice day. :) Tomorrow i'm going to write some cards in my autumn themed writing area. :) i'm also looking forward to the football games. :) Redskins vs Giants :) Celebrating a sweet day, with my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :)
Happy birthday Charlie! :) We had a nice time today, celebrating my brother Charlie's birthday. :) We had a birthday lunch at his place. :) he and his girlfriend Barbara cooked a nice pasta meal, and had yummy desserts. :) This afternoon, we went to visit my brother and Barbara for a nice birthday celebration for my brother Charlie. :) he turns 46 years old today. :) We were enjoying a nice visit. :) they cooked pasta, and had Italian bread. :) we were enjoying a nice lunch, and they brought out some desserts. :) pepperidge farm cake, apple pie, and pumpkin bread. :) the food, and treats was so delicious! :) my brother thanks everyone for the nice happy birthday wishes. :) we gave my brother some gifts. :) he loves the model cars. :) it's one of his favorite hobbies. :) my mom and dad gave him a card, money, lottery tickets, a model car, shirt, and treats. :) i gave him some treats i got for him at the store today. :) he loves his gifts. :) they showed us their patio garden. :) they have lots nice plants. :) they live right by the heart of the Rose City. :) It wa so nice, enjoying a great visit, and birthday celebration. :)
my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day. :) There's just something so very magical, about a nice sunny september day, as the autumn season approaches, the air getting crisp and cool, and the delightful sounds of bluejays all around, singing and singing, so very happily, and the wonderful delight of the trees just beginning to change colors. :) Today, is a day of wonderful seasonal celebrations. :) it's my brother Charlie's birthday! :) Happy birthday Charlie! :) We had a fun time celebrating his birthday with him and his girlfriend Barbara. :) my brother's having a great birthday! :) This morning, was such a wonderfully relaxing, and peaceful morning. :) i read all of your wonderfully heart warming comments on our baking friday journal, and shared them with my family. :) You all are so very nice, and sweet. :) We thank you all so very much! :) We're so very happy, delighted, and thrilled that you all enjoyed our baking friday adventure. :) we had lots of fun baking football themed goodies. :) we brought some cookies and cupcakes to my brother's house this afternoon for him and Barbara. :) they love to watch football, and are excited about tomorrow's games. :)
This morning, i went outside early for a nice nature walk. :) the nature that surrounds us, is so beautiful, and is taking that wonderful turn from summer to autumn season. :) We still have some sunflower blossoms. :) one of our mystery flowers is blossoming! :) it looks like a daisy! :) such a sweet nature, and gardening surprise. :) i was putting lots of peanuts around our yard this morning, and saw this incredible nature sight. :) i was right in the middle of our front yard, and this happy seagull was flying and soaring right over our neighborhood, and it was glowing, as the bird was soaring in the direct beams of golden sunshine during sunrise hour. :) i was so very amazed, and wish i had my camera ready! :) hehe! :) awww! :) many more wonderful sights like that to enjoy. :) the bluejays and squirrels enjoyed the nice yum yum peanuts. :) i enjoyed some nice quality time here on DS and also was getting ready for our early bird shopping adventure. :) i was so very excited, and thrilled about getting opportunity to shop at our local walmart. :) it's been a while since i've shopped there. i had 3 shopping goals in mind, i wanted to buy some goodies and treasures for my brother for his birthday, i wanted to buy some greetings cards, and i also wanted to browse around the clothes and shoes sections. :) in the upcoming weeks, i want to update my wardrobe, with a new pair of jeans, and shoes. :)
i felt really relaxed, and focused this morning, before we went shopping. :) i spent some nice calm reflective moments here in my computer room. :) i got my keychains, angel pins and faith coins. :) You all are always right there with us in spirit during our adventures, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angels. :) i pet my cat Wildthing. :) he's a good boy. :) awww! :) it was just shortly after 8am, and we were all set, and ready to rock and roll! :) Walmart!!! :) here we come! :) we began our super fun adventure. :) we enjoyed a nice car ride over to walmart. :) we noticed in parking lot over by staples store, they put the autumn leafs banners up near the light poles. :) lots of autumn season spirit in the air. :) we saw a few trees that are beginning to change colors for the fall foilage season. :) my favorite time of the year. :) we arrived at walmart, it was so early, it wasn't even busy! :) we parked our car close to the entrance, and began to walk over to the entrance. :) we entered the storm, and walked past the dunkin donuts. :) the scent of fresh donuts, bagels, and muffins, made me very hungry! :) hehe! :)
We browsed around the men's clothes section :) i was looking at the jeans. :) i did see a pair i may buy in the upcoming weeks. :) i'm really looking forward to getting a new pair of jeans, and shoes. :) my mom found a cool Dale Earnhardt Jr shirt for my brother Charlie. :) he loves nascar. :) it was so nice browsing around. :) we walked over to the shoes, and i saw they have the air speed brand shoes, the same shoes i got right now, with the white/blue/black colors, and they have my size, size 12. :) the shoes are $26. :) i'm gonna buy the shoes in a few weeks. :) i look forward to getting new pair of shoes. :) my current shoes, will be my nature walks/gardening shoes. :) we then walked over to the kids clothes section, my sister Lisa browsed around for Kayla's school uniform clothes, and we then began to make our way over to the food section. :) the store wasn't that busy, there were a few costomers here, and there, i didn't experience any anxiety. :) it really set in, i was in the sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence soaring zone. :) i went on the candy aisle by myself, it went well! :)
i bought some twizzlers, spice drops candies, and reese's peanut butter cups for my brother, and my mom, Lisa, Kayla, and Taylynn came on the aisle, we all met up, and walked up the baking aisle, and coffee aisle. :) i was looking at all of the goodies, i looked for pumpkin spiced coffee, i didn't see  any, but there's chance they may get it next time. :) We love seeing the baking supplies. :) i said, "we should make some pumpkin fudge this autumn season" :) we went on the chips and beverages aisle. :) i bought some salsa, and a bag of tortilla chips for my brother. :) he loves chips and salsa. :) i also bought a bag of Lay's BBQ chips, and a sparkling peach water. :) Game day snacks for tomorrow. :) we made our way over to the greetings cards section. :) i bought a birthday card for my brother, and some birthday cards for friends, and i also bought a pack of thank you cards with a nice design on them. :) i'm going to write some cards tomorrow here in my autumn themed writing area. :)
in the greetings cards section, i saw halloween cards! :) walmart is beginning to get their halloween supplies and candies section ready for the halloween season. :) they got candy corn! :) Sweet!!! :) we went over to the cat/dog food aisle, and got some items, and them made our way to the checkouts. :) at the checkouts, it went really well. :) i helped put our items up, i also sent a text, and read texts. :) focus therapy helps me a lot. :) after we checked out, i pushed our cart outside, and felt a great sense of accomplishment. :) the shopping experience went really well. :) i helped put our stuff into our car. :) we then drove down to dunkin donuts, Lisa bought a pound of dunkin donuts coffee and a dunkin donuts thermas cup for Charlie. :) we then made our way home. :) we arrived home, and i helped bring our stuff in, and pet my cat Wildthing. :) he always greets us when we return home. :) i made some toast with butter, i worked up an appetite while shopping. :) it was so nice shopping. :) i'm so happy, and thrilled about the goodies/treasures i got. :) it was a really smooth shopping experience. :) i was in the peaceful calm zone the entire time. :) it sets in after the experiences, about how smoothly it went. :) it was definitely one of those shopping experiences where i felt my spirit soaring like a bird soaring in the sweet blue sky. :) each experience, i gain so much from. :) lots of confidence, knowledge, experience, plus the wonderful memories of shopping. :) Thank you all so very much, for your wonderful love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me. :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :) i'm with you all, all the way! :)
We're enjoying a great day! :) it was so nice, shopping, and celebrating my brother's birthday today, and enjoying nature walks :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) tomorrow, we're going to be paying respects, to all of the innocent lives lost on september 11th, 2001. the memorial remembrances are tomorrow. i'm gonna spend some peaceful time in my autumn themed writing area, writing cards, notes, and letters. :) tomorrow afternoon, i'm going to watch some football, and enjoying some nice quality time here on DS writing to friends. :) The DS football party is on! :) my family and i cherish, and treasure your wonderful friendships. :) We thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) This evening, i'm going to enjoy some healthy snacks, and strawberry sparkling water, and going to call our dear, and lovely friend Holly. :) We're gonna watch some clips online. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :) we think of you and your wonderful family's often, each and every day. :) BIG GROUP HUG :)
We love you all, very much, and we care about you all. We think of you all every day. You all are so very loving, caring, and supportive, and you all are so very sweet, kind, and thoughtful. :) Thank you everyone, so very much for everything! All your kind words, support, well wishes, advice, positive vibes, encouragement, guidance, keeping me balanced, hugs, comments, messages, texts, treasures, everything! we appreciate everything, with all of hearts, spirits, and souls. :) You all are in our hearts, always, and forever. we adore you all, and i cherish, and treasure our friendships, with all of our hearts :) You all help uplift us, and keep us in good spirits every day, giving us strength, and hope. Thank you, so very much. :) You all give us wonderful guidance, and help guide us through the experiences. :) our ds angels :) You all will always have a very special place in our hearts. :) You all inspire us, giving us hope, and strength, keeping me strong, focused, determined, and motivated, to work hard toward achieving our goals, and fulfilling my dreams. :)
my family and i hope and pray, that everyone is enjoying a wonderfully safe, peaceful, and happy weekend. :) god bless. :) You all are in our thoughts and prayers. :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone enjoyed a really good day" :) she says, "have a nice night" :) awww! :) we love you lots and lots mom! :) Thank you, so very much, for everything! :) take very good care. stay safe everyone. :) Kayla says hi to everyone. :) She says, you all are very nice. :) awww! :) We hope everyone is well. :) We thank you all, for everything. :) my mom and i want everyone to know, we'll always be here for you all. :) i tell my mom and family your wonderful messages. Thank you so very much, for being a very special part of our lives. :)
stay strong angels, think positive, keep determined, motivated, focused, and lets continue to move forward together, one positive step at a time. :)
my family and i send our love, warm friendship wishes, and caring thoughts :) We think of you all, often. :) We wish everyone, great health, happiness, peace, and smiles surrounded by sweet blue sky, and sunshine :)
much love and big warm sunny sunflower hugs for everyone here from Connecticut! :)
"Together we are united from one side of the world to the other and have made such great friendship from the love and encouragement our highs and lows triumphs and tragedies but we can stand tall as you and i have realy achieved so much from our friendship our encouragement and your inspirational journey for 2007 that has just touched my heart so much as i took that journey in 1987 and like you i fought hard and won!Stay positive Love mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxo"- my lovely ds mum (bloss) :)
"Live for the moment i say and will say forever, you will always be you and you'll end up where you want to be when it's time."- our dear angel friend Jeremy Olearnick :)
"live for tomorrow. yesterday is gone and we cannot change what we did yesterday, but we can look forward to a bright and happy tomorrow" - my lovely ds mum (bloss) :)
" tomorrow is a new day, and a new beginning"- our lovely friend Maria (Love4you) :)
"keep on keeping on"- our lovely friend Cj (ddeadred) :)
"i'm a completely different person now. Ready to take on the world, instead of hiding from it. i'm ready to live! oh my!" :) -Dee (DeeKorn13) :)
"in the garden, my soul is the sunshine." :)
"sunflower, i support you as you bend, you support me as you make me smile, you and i stand strong together, even if it takes a while. from seed, to sprout, to beginning your journey rising tall. i know that we have eachother, we will never fall." :)
"true peace comes from above. It's like the sound of falling snow" :)
"where there's a sunflower, there's a smile" :)
i'm so very thankful and blessed with many wonderful things in my life. :)
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simple pleasures, great shopping experiences, making eye contact, enjoying shopping, Christmas season 2010, walking outside on a sweet blue sky, and sunny day, and breathing in the fresh air, and thinking, "i am so very happy to be here! to have the chance to experience life", and smiling! :)
Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. They truely are, simply wonderful! :)
-never lose hope
i dedicate all of my pictures in my journal today, to my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) i love you all bunches and bunches! :) You all inspire me to enjoy celebrating life, nature, and the seasons, each day to the fullest. :)
Happy sunny saturday nature smiles :) oh my! :) the september gardening season is shining. :) it's a pure joy to see flowers in the gardens. :) i enjoyed some wonderful nature walks today. :) You all are always right there with me in spirit during my adventures. :) It's a lovely sunny day. :) sweet blue sky, and september sunshine. :)
Welcoming our first mystery flower blossom! :) one of our mystery flowers has blossomed. :) it's so cool! :) the blossom has these tiny inner blossoms, and they are star shaped. :) i took a picture of the blossom, and noticed that there was a little insect on one of the petals. :) sweet nature up close :)

my brother Charlie and his girlfriend Barbara showed us their beautiful patio garden today. :) they have lots of nice flowers :)

our new flower was just opening up this morning, ready for a day of soaking up the wonderful september sunshine. :)

cosmo flower, spirit dancing in the sweet blue sky. :)

Happy sunflower smiles :) this sunflower blossomed in our garden that's next to my mom's lilac bush. :)

we have lots of cosmos blossoming in our bird feeders/gardening area :)


orange naturium dwarf jewel flower. :) orange flowers remind me of halloween time. :) i love orange. :)

our sunflowers are blossoming in our new gardening area near the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :)

mystery flower blossom :)

morning glory blossom :) my mom really loves these flowers :) me too. :)

cute little sunflower blossom :)

cosmo flowers :)


the other day i took some pictures of our mystery flower as it was beginning to blossom. :) a sweet garden surprise. :)


enjoy that sunshine, sunflowers! :)


melon growing. :) we look forward to harvesting the melon :)

blossoming sunflower :)

our mystery flower plants :)


blossoming sunflower :)

we have a wild tomato plant growing near our blueberry bushes gardening area :)

i love those golden sunflower smiles :)

signs of autumn season, fall foilage :) our neighbor's tree has began to change colors. :) my mom and i are looking forward to going for some autumn season nature walks. :)


happy shopping smiles :) i bought some nice greetings cards today at walmart. :) i'm excited about writing cards tomorrow. :)

i bought my favorite, Lay's potato chips, and sparkling peach water for the football games tomorrow. :)



Hi Chris Glad you had a great morning shopping and a nice time with your brother as well. I had a good vist with my sister and my niece. We had some coffee and muffins. Your garden is looking wonderful. You\'re right you do have a few leaves turning there.I guess the autumn is coning.Thanks for my nice hugs for today.Enjoy your evening. Hugs and hi\'s to all-Stephanie

That is so wunderfull that you were able to make it through your walmart visit. We are so proud of you. Those are great ideas to keep occupied while at the check out. I think i should buy some of that flavored water, it would be a better choice than pop all the time. Happy sorta late birthday to your brother Charlie, those sound like awesome gifts Im sure he will enjoy them. Again congradulations on successfully dealing with your anxiety today, you did it, yay!

Congrats on your shopping experience Chris. You did so well *High Five* I\'m really proud of you. Happy belated birthday to your brother Charlie. I am so happy that you all had a lovely time celebrating his birthday angel. Luv and big hugs x

WOW that is so spectacular you went to Walmart! Bet you are proud cuz we sure are! Great job!

happy belated birthday to your brother!!! i am so glad you had such a great shopping experience. great pics too!!!

You are doing great Chris and I am very proud of you! Your pictures are very beautiful! :) Thinking of you and your family... Love and Hugs, Maria