a mother's love

Good morning DS family.......I received a call from my teenage son whose in youth prison earlier and he's doing okay.  He's starting to really see the harsh realities of life and wondering, after all of the love he was raised in and the positive direction he has been given, how he let himself end up in this situation.  I wish I was able to fix things for him and make it all better but I know I can't.  One thing I do know is that we can trust God to bring the family thru this.  You see, even though I raised my son in prayer and tried to steer him right, I never allowed him to really learn from his mistakes because I was there to capture him when he fell.  This 15 year sentence tugged at my faith big time, but Glory to God, I was reminded to trust Him in this situation.  We don't have to claim that sentence and we won't, the Lord does amazing things and I truly believe that He will intervene in this situaion.  We will wait patiently on Him!