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Europe Is Geographically Divided From Asia By Ural And Caucasus Ranges And Some Water Bodies.
Czech Republic is just one of the member states of the European Union. Rome is the cash of Italy. The inhabitants of Portugal is 10.six million. The fore utilised is Euro. The currency is Icelandic Krona. Bosnian, Serbian and English are the languages spoken. The inhabitants of this state is .03 million. Russia, Azerbaijan, Ga, and Kazakhstan are international locations which are component of both of those Asia and Europe. The inhabitants of this place is approximately three.5 million. Chisinau is the money metropolis of Moldova.

Leverage Based On The Last Twelve Months Adjusted EBITDA Was 2.70x.
The increase in attendance was due to more guests visiting from the United Kingdom, France and Spain. Hotels and Disney Village revenues increased 9% to 232.9 million from 214.5 million in the prior-year period, resulting from a 4.8 percentage point increase in hotel occupancy to 77.1%, a 9% increase in Disney Village revenues and a 2% increase in average spending per room to 212.15. The increase in hotel occupancy resulted from 50,000 additional room nights sold compared to the prior-year period, due to more guests staying at the Group's hotels from the United Kingdom, France and Spain, partly offset by lower guests from the Netherlands. The increase in average spending per room was due to higher spending on food and beverage and higher daily room rates, partly offset by lower spending on merchandise. Real estate development operating segment revenues decreased by 1.9 million to 0.6 million, from 2.5million in the prior-year period. This decrease was due to lower land sale activity than in the prior-year period. Given the nature of the Group's real estate development activity, the number and size of transactions vary from one year to the next. Costs and Expenses (2) 584.6 531.7 52.9 9.9% Marketing and sales expenses 71.4 62.8 8.6 13.7% General and administrative expenses 53.6 49.6 4.0 8.1% Costs and expenses 709.6 644.1 65.5 10.2% Comparative figures for the first half 2014 include restatements related to the application of IFRIC 21 "Levies". Direct operating costs primarily include wages and benefits for employees in operational roles, depreciation and amortization related to operations, cost of sales, royalties and management fees. For the First Half and the corresponding prior-year period, royalties and management fees were 35.6 million and 31.1 million, respectively. Direct operating costs increased 10% compared to the prior-year period mainly due to costs associated with higher resort volumes as well as costs related to the enhancement of the guest experience, including depreciation of new assets, labor costs related to new attraction based on the DisneyPixar movie Ratatouille, entertainment offerings and higher staffing levels.

The.anguage extensively spoken is Czech. Romania is a person of the member states of the European Union. The funds of Kazakhstan is Astana and the populace is close to 16 million. Reykjavik is the funds and this state has a populace of .three million. Slovakia is a member of the European Union. The political procedure is Republican and Croatian is the language spoken.