A happy new year and also a Joyful New Year!

2014 was the year of star vulnerability, the comet, the demise of Nokia and much more. Whatever may come 2015 - the Heise publishing with all its newsrooms wishes all readers a happy and successful year.

With 2014 now comes a year too late, saw arise a whole new manner IT celeb on the scene: The susceptibility blend with a distinguishing name and emblem - Shellshock, heartbleed, Poodle ... This trend will be with us safe in the forthcoming year. Just like the Celebs in the universe of this year. They came from Europe and also the interim goodbye Philae is not final yet.

That comebacks are not always welcomed, not Microsoft realized this year. Also why is fully in the stars, whether such a return sometime before is the Finnish company name, from which we had to say good-bye to this year. Certainly, however, is also given the merely finished 31C3 that ubiquitous surveillance will we be maintained, but hopefully with more positive messages than 2014th

What technology, disclosures and new IT asterisk susceptibility releases us anticipated in 2015, but of course remains open. But, we will report as usual about in any case. Until then, wish you the editors of the Heise publishing a peaceful and pleasant 2015. Go on like that http://www.chinesenewyear2015images.com/ met. Come over and stay without prejudice to us later with interest (and criticism) considered.