A Guide To Buying The Right Rc Helicopter Brand

It absolutely was never my intent to do RC helicopter evaluations on this web site of mine, but I figured basically had these birds myself or did a number of research to determine if they would be coming home with me, I might as well write about my encounters using them. Since so many people were also e-mailing me and asking what my thoughts are on them, it appeared to be a rational progression.Nope, I don't get these matters free of charge! I purchase them along with my limited hobby budget funds just like the others of you, therefore my evaluation page is limited to what I have bought or considered since there's no way I can evaluate every bird out there due to time and prices buying. As I mention on my Greatest Chopper Page this site's main intent would give you advice on what makes a good RC helicopter, what makes them tick, support gear needed, and how to figure out how to fly them successfully but hopefully these reviews & overviews will give you a small more knowledge in your search for the perfect bird to your individual needs if among these birds ends up on your shortlist.The reason why I pick these brands is simple - they perform for me and my requirements. I also have wonderful local hobby store support for Blade helicopter parts and that's one of the single most important criteria (other than good design & proper function) I place on picking a specific brand of bird over another.For the higher end items, Align is now my business name of choice for 3 main reasons: Again, brilliant local parts support where I live (the primary reason why I changed around to Align from Miniature Aircraft two years ago). Align offers quite remarkable component quality / fit and finish for the price, and lastly, I really enjoy the hassle free superb combo kits they have that come with all the electronic components. This saves me a reasonable amount of time and also saving time in my experience, is the same thing as saving money.About the turbine side - that one is extremely simple... Bergen RC supplied the best quality kits using the two phase Wren helicopter turbine engines. They are just the highest quality machines out there right now in my personal opinion. You're going to learn exactly what I'm talking about, if you're ever lucky enough to get a Bergen Chopper.