A Good Weekend

Well, I had a friend around yesterday which always makes a nice change.  I'd only had 4 hours sleep the night before so I didnt' bother going to church that morning.  I did a little housework in the morning as I've let things go over the last few months.  The day before (Saturday) Dad rang and suggested treat myself to a new kitchen.  After all the anxiety the bathroom caused I think I'll treat myself to a new bathroom instead. ;-)  I could do with a new three piece suite too. 
I don't know whether I've benefited from this mindfulness-based cognitive therapy or not.  My depression's certainly improved but I find the MBCT hard work.  I aim to go home again this weekend to see how Mum's getting on.  I won't mention the flat though unless he brings the subject up.



Its always good to treat yourself Stuart! Have a nice weekend! Take Care x