A good Wednesday

Hot weather!  I'm in summer mode now, opening windows and doors early to let the house cool, using AC in the afternoon and evening.  The mac salad I made Sunday was just right to have for supper after work today.  Love that I was able to use the green walking onions from my yard to flavor it.  Shared some with 3 people at work, my boss Amy and two residents, Hazel and Barb.  Hazel was going to have hers around 6:15pm when I came to help her with supper, but some time before that she tasted it, and it was so good she polished it off and didn't need any other supper.  I walked into her apartment and smelled onions and knew what had happened.  Not only had Hazel eaten all the salad, she washed out my container and filled it with cookies made by the friend who comes on Wednesdays to play cards with her.  Hazel has class.  My boss ate all of her mac salad and just left the container in the sink, didn't even put water in it.  I left it there.  I'm off tomorrow, and if she can't pick up after herself, it'll stay there till the weekend.  Barb, on the other hand, might not be able to stand at the sink long enough to wash my pyrex bowl, or see if it's clean, but one of us aides will, it's our job.  Barb knows where it came from and will be sure to give it back to me.  I gave it to her for supper along with a liverwurst sandwich, which is a treat for her because she has a fairly restricted diet.  She was enjoying both as I left.
This weather is making everything grow like crazy outside.  I have 4 corn plants about 2" high, and I've cleared a spot to plant a few more.  Cabbage seedlings have primary leaves, no secondary yet, but getting bigger.  Violets are nearly spent, but the red weigela has begun to bloom.  Peony plants are nearly 3 feet tall, full of buds.  The big lilac is full of pale purple blossoms, but this hot weather is going to finish those off soon.  In the front yard, 4 black irises are a few days away from blooming.  Everywhere I look is color, and fragrance.  It's a nice world out there today!
My back, which has been bothering me, hurt way less today in spite of all the grocery shopping I did for the residents.  Thank the gods for small miracles.