A good looking driveway defines the overall look of your home

Driveway sealing can improve the aesthetics of your home and even ramp up the value of your propertyThe feeling of visualizing your home with a nice new pavement simply cannot be replaced. Whether you choose to pave your entire garden or just the driveway, it is bound to have a very noticeable (and I do mean very) impact on your house image.Driveway paving comes with many different options like concrete, gravel and brick etc., and it's sometimes hard to pick one that will suit the style of your garden the most. The most important factor (actually THE deciding one) is your budget, as not all materials cost equally.Essentially, you're making an important decision that will define the looks of your home for years to come, so it's always important to take your time making it. And to have some idea how to access your garage too, because when contractors are working on it, there's going to be quite a mess.Hint: Amazon products mentioned in the upper left corner of the modules are for UK residents. US stuff is located under the module! Just to sort out any confusion.Anyway, if you'd like to know more about a specific topic related to driveways, consult the Table of Contents below!Driveway Sealing Sealcoating Service Start Up Business Plan NEW!Driveway sealing is not exactly budget friendly as you already know. But did you know you can do it yourself? Not only can you do it better, you can also save money in the process.For starters, you're going to need an applicator brush which is easily obtainable from a home supply store. Then you're going to want to verify your driveway and make sure it doesn't have any cracks or plants growing out. These need to be dealt with first. After applying weed killer, it is recommended to wait about two weeks before proceeding with the sealing.To know how much sealer you need to buy, measure your driveway with a tape.Driveways, Paths and Patios:A Complete Guide to Design Management and ConstructionConcrete is always an excellent choice as far as aesthetics are concerned. Very tweakable too in its looks. You'll be delighted to hear it also doesn't require any maintenance.Apart from its durability however, it's rather expensive. Asphalt, in comparison, is quite cheaper. Another bad side of it is that it's very prone to cracking when pressure is applied to it. But that also depends on how well the mason has performed its job when installing it, so always be sure to hire a reputable company if you want to keep the cracks of your concrete driveway to a minimum.Asphalt driveway costI've mentioned asphalt driveways are cheaper, so you probably want to hear some numbers. Well, these can be estimated depending on a couple of factors. The first one is the size of the driveway you're planning to have, of course.When you have the square footage measured, divide it by 9. The result is square yardage which is used in the process of estimating the amount of asphalt you're going to need. Then there is the thickness and you're going to have to incorporate that into the formula. 3 inches is the standard.Square yardage x 0,057 x pavement depth = How much asphalt you need (measured in tons)The prices of asphalt vary, but for the estimation purposes, a ton of asphalt is usually 150$.ASPHALT COLD LAY TARMAC BLACK POTHOLE REPAIR 25KG TUBIt's a known fact that asphalt driveways develop holes and cracks over time. This is due to the climate changes and there's little you can do about it. The good news, however, is that you can do a lot of the work yourself, and better yet, the work won't take you more than a weekend worth of your time.To do that, you will need to prime the area you want to fix. Prior to priming, it's recommended to remove any obstacles you don't wish to be bound to the driveway forever. To speed up the process, you can use a high-pressure stream of water to help remove the dirt out of the cracks. Allow up to a day for the surface to dry up.You will also need a caulking gun an small tubes of asphalt. Then proceed to fill each hole. To fix the problem of uneven surfaces after that, just drive over it to even it out. I recommend you use cold pressed asphalt for this.Block paving pricesSome paving companies offer an online price estimator to help you get a better ideas of how much the block paving is going to cost you.In the UK, for example, you would pay around 60 pounds per square meter. Some paving companies may get it done cheaper, some not. So make sure you do research prior to selecting a contractor you're going to be working with, because I can assure that is not an easy task.Concrete driveway costThis depends on the contractor doing the job, but for the most part, you're going to pay around 7 dollars per square foot. For a more accurate number, please refer to the website of the company you're interested in and ask them directly. For the most part, they will have an estimation calculator you can use.Driveways, Paths and Patios:A Complete Guide to Design Management and ConstructionTarmac driveways do have their pros and cons, so let's briefly review them. First of, they are really easy to install. Very affordable too. If you're environmentally-concerned, you will be pleased by the information they're mostly made out of recycled materials (stone).They do have a couple of downsides however. Their life expectancy is about a couple of years, and after that, they will need to be resealed and leveled once more. Worse yet, they have a tendency of developing cracks during the first year of installation.So if you're searching for something that will last you a long time, I recommend getting something else. Block paving is an excellent choice.Full-Depth Asphalt Pavement for Parking Lots, Service Stations, and Driveways (Information)Nowadays, asphalt driveways are the most common kind of driveway in the US. They are flexible, durable and long-lasting, and it's because of these properties that they have steadily been replacing the use of concrete. As it is known, asphalt can adapt the the climate conditions and that alone makes for a whole world of difference. For example, during the summer, asphalt tends to absorb heat.They're also affordable and can imitate various other materials. Maintenance is however required after these little fissures and cracks start to bother you (and for safety reasons of course). In order to get an estimate of maintenance costs, many companies offer some kind of rough estimation calculators on their respective websites. Either that, or a free consultation with one of their experts, so you can get a pretty good idea about Asphalt driveway renewal costs before the procedure begins.ASPHALT COLD LAY TARMAC BLACK POTHOLE REPAIR KITA lot of people tend to confuse Asphalt sealers with Concrete sealers, but this is actually a false belief. As you probably know, it's important to perform maintenance from time to time, because that way you can avoid large repairs later. Maintenance goes far beyond cosmetic benefits, mind you, although these obviously come with the package.You want to be looking for an Asphalt sealer made from coal tar, as opposed to liquid petroleum asphalt. This is the industrial standard, because analysis has shown that the materials has the best adhesive properties and simply functions best in practice.Always you it indoors, however, because otherwise your health might be at risk because of the gas it emits. You can also modify the its tint so it can match with your materials better.Patio Magic! 5 Litres Liquid Concentrate Mould, Algae and Moss KillerDriveway cleaning is part of the overall maintenance process and it should in no way be skipped. It goes further than the way it looks, even though aesthetics should always be accounted for. If you keep your driveway clean, you will carry less bacteria and molds into your home and it's always important to preserve your own, as well as your family's health. And besides, who would want oil stains left by the car on their shoes, right?The best way to go about it is to hire a professional cleaning company from time to time to take care of it. The reason why you can't do it yourself lies in the fact that they use special equipment to do it (high-pressure water pumps, mechanized brushes etc.)Find an environmentally-friendly company that doesn't use chemicals, that's your best bet. But know that even when you hire a company to do driveway cleaning for you, it's important to clean it yourself from time to time, albeit with regular broom and water.1 RollDriveway Gravel Weed Control Fabric Heavy Duty 126 GramGravel is a very good alternative to concrete or asphalt and often associated with class and style. It's also way easier to maintain than these two. Resistances to climate changes are also quite similar, with gravel scoring a little bit higher on the reliance scale. It's important to determine what kind of purpose your gravel driveway is going to serve. If you're just going to have people walking on it, nearly anything is fine, but if you're going to have vehicles driving over it, it's a good idea to dig deeper and lay the foundation properly.If you're the one with class, gravel offers a lot of different colors and can be laid in many different patters, where your imagination is the only limit. Gravel stone comes in various different sizes. The recommended size is 20mm.Everbuild 405 Path and Patio Seal Paving Sealer25 LitreUsing a block paving sealer has many advantages, even though it's not needed per se. For one, you can reduce the maintenance frequency of your driveway if you decide to use a water-based sealer. Not everyone knows this, but water based sealers slow down the growth of moss, for example. The same goes for insects and weed.You can also use it on porous surfaces. It's environmentally friendly and UVA resistant. The maintenance is relatively simple and performed by mopping it with clean water. In case of heavy stains, a mild detergent is recommended.Driveways, Paths and Patios:A Complete Guide to Design Management and ConstructionImprinted concrete has the properties of being extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. Sunlight does not affect it and cause to colors to fade, nor does bad weather. You will notice it's not as susceptible to cracking as its alternatives.You can implement many different patterns so that your driveway matches the style of your house quite well. Asphalt has to be replaced every decade, but imprinted concrete lasts even longer than that. Good news is that imprinted concrete is not a suitable moss-breeding ground, so maintenance is quite easy, usually requiring merely some soap and water.This is probably the number one concern of people who are looking at their options when they want to install a new driveway or fix and already installed one. Asphalt and concrete are both very popular, so that makes the decision even harder. One thing to bear in mind is that if you live in a cold climate, you need to make sure you're getting a base heavily laid with gravel. And that the base is compacted. If you can't guarantee that, it's likely your driveway will develop cracks and fractures. Furthermore, it's a known fact that concrete is weak to road salts, tossed around when there's risk of ice.Asphalt, on the other hand, is weak to hot climates. It often becomes soft in the sun. But then again, compared to concrete, it's a cheaper investment, but that comes with a price of its own: it often requires more maintenance. When sealing asphalt, you should always wait at least half a year until all the light oils evaporate. The reason being is that if you don't, it's going to remain soft until the end of time.As far as asphalt and concrete colors are concerned, both have practically unlimited options, so in this category it's a tie. And both asphalt and concrete driveways are known to last for decades, the discrepancies are minimal, so that's another tie. Asphalt is easier to repair though, so you might want to consider that.Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, but going with either one of them is a very feasible choice.International 5027341 5L Concrete Floor SealerClearConcrete floor sealers have the function of protecting driveways from natural degradation cause d by weather. The experts in this industry all share the opinion that most of the damage to the driveway is caused by water permeating the surface. So by using a sealer, you make the surface more resistant to it, which prolongs its life.There are different types of concrete floor sealers, one of them being a topical sealer. This one does not actually penetrate the driveway, it adheres to the surface instead. Their life expectancy is fairly low, with the estimates ranging anywhere from one to ten years.Then you have the option of penetrative floor sealers, which are by far a better choice in terms of durability and the life expectancy of your driveway. However, some might argue it's not the best choice in terms of aesthetics.Everbuild - - CHD5L Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer 403 5LYou should always use water-based concrete sealant and here's why: the function as well as aesthetics of your driveway are going to be improved that way, and compared to the alternatives, water-based sealants make the driveway last longer. The reason being is that compared to the adhesive-based sealers, these penetrate deep into the surface and make it more resistant to climactic conditions.Before applying the concrete sealant, make sure the driveway is as clean as possible, as we don't want unnecessary dirt and particles to get in the way. After applying it, make sure you wait enough time for it to fully dry up. This enables it to penetrate deeper into your driveway, and thus, makes sure it's protected to the maximum.Don't forget to give your driveway a day to fully dry up before using it.Everbuild BLOGUARD5 Blockguard 409 5LAs already mentioned, the best paver sealers are definitely water-based. This doesn't hold true only for use on driveways, but also for other similar surfaces like sidewalks, floorings and walkways. The reason behind it is that they are very environmentally-friendly and don't have any foul odors to them, not to mention being UV resistant.Best practice: use your paver sealer at least two times for the best possible effect. Between every application, it's advisable to wait for at least half an hour. And don't forget that you may begin a new application only under the condition the surface you're working on is dry!Full-Depth Asphalt Pavement for Parking Lots, Service Stations, and Driveways (Information)Most of the people are torn between asphalt and concrete when deciding which material to use in their new driveway. I'm going to recommend you either one of them, because the industrial community pretty much shares the opinion. However, asphalt driveways do tend to have their advantages and I'm going to briefly describe them here.If you live in a place where aggressive climate changes are the norm, you might want to consider having an asphalt driveway, because it's way more resistant, which makes it less susceptible to cracking. But do know it's also rather prone to the heat (and when heavy cars drive on it's surface, that leaves some marks behind).The biggest advantage is probably the price, it's like half cheaper than concrete.Driveway Sealing Sealcoating Service Start Up Business Plan NEW!Asphalt sealcoating is a process that should be never left out, because asphalt's chemical structure does have certain drawbacks like being susceptible to weather and salts. By sealcoating it, you prolong it's lifetime. The process can also help prevent the fading of colors.Before applying the coating, you need to make sure the surface doesn't need any repairs (and if it does, take care of it before sealcoating). For some reason, people tend to think you need to repeat this process every year. This could not possibly be farther from the truth, as doing this can actually harm your driveway.International 5027340 2.5L Concrete Floor SealerClearYou know what comes with moisture? Mold, bacteria and other kinds of troubles. That's something you need to avoid if you want to keep your family safe from harm.By sealing the concrete, you basically leave the biological filth no place to sprad. I can't stress this enough, but you should almost always go for a water-based sealer when going for concrete sealing. There is a good reason for that: it doesn't leave any stains. It essentially chemically bonds with the concrete, filling up any holes it might have.When applying concrete sealing to driveways, there's another distinct advantage. It won't make them slippery! Hopefully I don't have to elaborate on that. Also, it's not flammable and unpleasant to our noses, one of which is a rather obvious plus.Gam Paint Brushes 18in. Driveway Roof Brush With Squeege PT03980Making use of driveway paint will not only make your driveway aesthetically pleasing, but more resistant to climate changes as well. You want your home to look as best as humanly possible, and the driveway is probably the first things that people notice when glancing over it. It makes a lot of sense to devote some of your time and choose a color that matches the overall look of your house.Driveway paint shields your driveway from oils and dirt. It's suitable for all types of driveways and materials and as an added bonus, it helps cover up cracks and imperfections. Depending on what kind of driveway you have, here are the recommended paints:Tarmac driveway: acrylic, coal tar and polymerAsphalt driveway: same as aboveConcrete driveway: epoxy and linseed oilAs an alternative to painting your driveway, you might also want to look into acrylic coating which also happens to have the advantage of covering any holes you might have in there. Some say it even looks nicer compared to driveway paint.Driveway resurfacingIf your driveway is in a rough shape, there's only a couple of things you can really do: resurface it, do it from scratch or leave it as is. As to which course of action you should take depends on a couple of characteristics best determined by an industry expert. Most of them offer free evaluation, so you can always take advantage of that.Still, you should know that driveway resurfacing is a viable option only if the driveway's condition is severe enough. To get a rough idea: if more than one quarter of the surface is damaged, then you should really start thinking about it. And if three quarters of it are damaged, then chances are there's a bigger underlying problem and the whole thing needs a complete re-haul.Internet Marketing for Paving Contractors:Advertising Your Paving, Concrete, or Asphalt Contracting Company Online Using a Website, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Angie's List, LinkedIn, SEO, and More!If you choose to do any work on your driveway, make sure the company you're hiring has some credentials. And of course, the nearer it is to your location, the less you're going to pay for transport costs.But you should never let cheap prices get the best of your better judgment. Just think about it; low prices are usually low for a reason. Oftentimes you will find that cheap contractors and paving companies can't hold a candle to their normally-priced competition, at least as far as the quality of work and materials is concerned. And the low-quality materials are more prone to getting damaged, which will in turn lead you to having to perform maintenance more often, and thus increasing your costs.It's also not a bad idea to check how long the company has been in business. A good paving company that's worth its salt will always offer some kind of estimation services prior to starting the job, so you will always be familiar with the costs involved.What is asphalt?The definition of 'asphalt' would probably be something like a sticky black liquid that's used for roads, flooring, roofing and stuff like that.That's how I would describe it anyway.Asphalt paving costUsually it would cost you about 1.80$ - 3.60$ per square foot. It of course depends on whether you need the road base installed and any other work done beforehand. It's pretty accurate to estimate you're going to pay around 2 grand if you have a 400 square feet driveway. It's very hard to predict though, because the size of the base plays a role in the overall pricing.It's best to contact your local asphalt paving company about it and ask for an estimate. They're usually willing to do it for free.Driveway Sealing Service Start Up Sample Business Plan!Asphalt sealing is an important part of your driveway maintenance. You just can't have a cracked, faded and aesthetically-unappealing driveway. It simply puts a bad shade of light on your home! Now that that's settled, you just need to decide whether you're going to do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.If you decide to hire an asphalt sealing company, make sure they're certified and have some credentials. Not only will they do a better job than you (remember, they have the tools and years of experience under their belts), you will also save yourself some time and worries.Still, if you want to do it yourself, chances are you're going to save some money (work does cost its share), and you're going to have something to be proud of. But that way you might not do everything right and the driveway may come out looking sloppy. And you're going to need a heap load of tools in order to do it, and costs money too.You can do it either way, in the end it depends on your own preferences, capabilities and situation.International 5027341 5L Concrete Floor SealerClearAlso referred to as 'concrete sealer', a cement sealer is a maintenance tool which ensures that your driveway is going to last for years. Not a lot of people realize this, but cement is a porous material. Obviously, this leads to chemicals getting inside of it and that's often damaging for the cement's structure. And water that's slowly collecting inside results in the development of mold.That's where the sealers come in. They prevent the waters and chemicals from coming in (which prevents biological filth from emerging) and also forms a protective film on the surface. If you value the polished kind of look of your driveway, it's important to choose your sealer with care.Driveways, Paths and Patios:A Complete Guide to Design Management and ConstructionIf your driveway looks good it fills you with pride. It really feels good if the people passing by your house get a good opinion about your standards and aesthetic values, because in essence, that will make you happier. When edging your driveway, there are many styling options available to you, whether you want it in the classic looks, or perhaps more modern-looking rock edging.You can also achieve a river bed look, or maybe the 'fence' look. This latter is done by wiring the pieces of wood together with a wire. Then these pieces are shaped to look like a fence. Of course, they're also shortened before they're pinned to the ground. But this is only one option out of many.If you've got the artistic vein inside of you, you can also decorate your driveway with some lights. It doesn't always have to be a practical concern, just let those ideas flowing!The Ultimate Home Property Maintenance ManualIf you want to make your driveway lasting long, sealcoating it is a good idea. And if you have the will and the know-how, it's one of those projects you can undertake yourself. It's recommended to do it every couple of years anyway, and if you indeed decide to do it yourself, just think of all the financial savings to motivate you.Before beginning, there are a few things you should note though. It's important to clean the surface of your driveway before sealcoating. This includes cutting grass, sweeping it and cleaning any possible oils stains on there. You will also need to make a lot of space around it in order to approach it better.If you know it's going to rain today, I'd just leave the project as is and come back another day.Blacktop drivewayBlacktop driveway is also known as 'asphalt driveway'. It's a very popular choice alongside concrete driveways, but sometimes people get lost between these two options, not knowing which materials would best suit their needs. I've gone through the subject already, but to keep things short and to the point, let's summarize:Concrete driveway:Aesthetic appealLonger lastingMore expensiveTends to crackWeak to road saltsAsphalt driveway:Rather affordableMore maintenance requiredLess aesthetically pleasingTends to get dirtier quickerSoaks up oils from your vehiclesDriveway paving costGetting an accurate estimate is pretty hard, because driveway paving costs are dependent on local labor and material costs. For asphalt driveways, it makes sense to think in terms of 2 to 6 bucks for every square foot. Macadam driveways have a similar cost per sf.Concrete is a bit more expensive when it comes to paving. Probably somewhere in the range of 7$ per square foot, give or take 2 bucks.Getting an accurate appraisal most certainly involves calling a local expert to come by, take a look at your driveway and estimate the costs. Good thing is, most of the companies are willing to do this for free.Driveways, Paths and Patios:A Complete Guide to Design Management and ConstructionAs far as driveway surfacing is concerned, you are left with a lot of different options, with the most popular ones being concrete, asphalt and stone. If you have the opinion that gray is the most suitable color for the overall look and styling of your home, it's not a bad idea to go for concrete. As you probably already know, it's super easy to maintain and there are many different styles to choose from.If you're looking for a black driveway surface, then I believe asphalt is the material you're looking for. It's also available in darker shades of red. But I would shy away from asphalt surfaces if you're living in hotter areas as it's rather prone to melting. Here's a great tip: if you have a larger driveway, I'd definitely go for it. But with the smaller driveways the exact opposite is true.Finally, there's an honorable mention: flight stone slabs also make a great driveway surface! They have the incredible trait of being very flexible in their styling. The same goes for the stone sizing. Without a doubt the most popular choice here are natural stone patterns.Everbuild Path Patio Seal 5 Litre EVBPAT5It's obviously in your best interest to keep your driveway resistant to climate changes. Because otherwise it's going to start to crack and look messier with every passing year. It would simply shed a bad light on your home and that affects how other people perceive you.Anyway, patio sealers are pretty much divided into these 2 categories. I'm going to quickly present both of them and then let you 'pick your poison'. The best practice is to apply both, however. Especially if you live in harsh climates.Topical sealer: Generally applied to stone surfaces. This ensures the moisture won't penetrate the surface, which includes frost and snow. The reason behind it is that these liquids tend to expand when frozen, and if they're inside, it's easy to picture why this causes your driveway to crack and fissure.Penetrating sealer: as the name would suggest, these kind of sealer penetrates the driveway, so no biological filth will reside inside. It also protects the surface from road salts that tend to be damaging to the driveways.G4 Pond paint Sealer Clear 1kgYour pond just isn't complete without a final layer of pond sealer. The reason is simple: you want to protect it, because you probably want to last it for several years. As a matter of fact, industry experts recommend at least three layers of protective coating.I know, a pond is an aesthetic object, so you want it to look as natural as possible, or at least match with the environment as much as it can. Let me delight you with the news that pond sealers come in colors too!And for goodness' sake, stay away from oil-based sealers (unless you're going to have some animal swimming in there). It's also a good idea to use a porous sealer. As a final note of advice, make sure you've removed any excess particles and any dirt from the surface before applying the sealer, because you probably want your surface to look smooth.Asphalt companiesI'm not going to list any specific company here, because every area has its local companies. I also can't do the detective research instead of you, however, I can give you a couple of general guidelines on how to select the best contractor for the job.And, believe it or not, that is the first hint. Do your homework! Just do an online search and see what the other customers are saying about that particular company. It also helps that the company has long year of experience and some solid references.Don't just focus on one company. Check for the most popular ones and pick, say, 3-5 favorite companies and then do some background research on each and every one of them. Trust me, a day of research will most certainly pay off.Don't fall for traveling contractors offering a cheap deal on leftover materials, they are a scam! Most often you will find the job is poorly done when they finish, and when you try to file a complaint, they will be long gone without leaving a trace.Also, you don't need a large company for a small job (and the other way around).Oh yeah, don't forget to take advantage of the free price estimates most of the companies are offering. Here it's your call which side you want to lean on when it comes to quality vs. price, but do bear in mind that the cheapest company most certainly isn't always the best pick.Asphalt contractorsTo recap, here are some pointers you'd be doing yourself well to keep in mind prior to selecting an asphalt contractor:They should have some testimonials or referencesA security certificate is a mustChances are there's more than just a single contractor in your local area. Check them all out and then opt for the best!They must have an online presenceYou should always be informed about the details of the job, like for example what materials they're going to be usingA good asphalt contractor will have a good number of years behind their beltAsphalt Pavements:A Practical Guide to Design, Production and Maintenance for Engineers and ArchitectsAsphalt management is a crucial part of every good property management. It's a known fact that asphalt driveways are weak to environmental changes, and it rests on your shoulders to prevent them from causing too much damage.Industry experts recommend you seal you asphalt at least every couple of years and make sure you're performing water draining as much as you can. By doing that, you will prevent water from causing damage deep within from your driveway. When doing asphalt maintenance, it's important you use high quality materials (yes, these can vary). So don't be shy to ask your contractor what kind of materials they're planning on using and do as much research as you have to before proceeding.Asphalt tends to crack and fissure, but if you grind off the top layer before the damage is too deep and then reapply the coating, a lot of things can be restored to their original state. By choosing a good coating for your asphalt, you're also making it more resistant to climate changes.ASPHALT COLD LAY TARMAC BLACK POTHOLE REPAIR KITBlacktop sealer is just another term for asphalt sealer. As you already know, the surfaces on your property tend to get damaged by the aggressive environment and it's a good idea to replenish that every once in a while. And if you decide to do the work yourself instead of hiring a company to do it, you can save yourself a hefty sum of money.Before starting to work with your blacktop sealer, you're going to need some additional stuff: a crack repair product, some rags, a hose and a roller. And make sure you've left your sealer upside down overnight before starting the project. The reason behind it is that it probably had some sitting time and the content already started to aggregate on the bottom. By turning it upside-down and giving it some time, this should fix itself.Alright. Now you're ready to start your blacktop sealing project. Just make sure it's not going to rain the day you're planning to work. Remove any excess objects that would otherwise get in the way and clean your driveway with a hose. Then just take your time and follow the manufacturer's use guidelines.When you're finished, allow up to 24 hours for your blacktop coating to dry.Final tip: wear some clothes you aren't worried about ruining. Trust me, because that's exactly what's going to happen no matter how hard you try not to.Driveway paving costsI'll be upfront and clearly state that driveway paving costs can vary, depending on where you live, the quality of materials used in the process etc. Hey, did you know that a lot of paving companies are willing to give that estimate for free? Well now you do. Just call them and use that to your advantage!Still, to give you a rough idea, a 600 square feet driveway usually costs somewhere between 800 and 1500 bucks to pave.Gravel driveway costAs mentioned above, it's again hard to give you exact numbers. Call your local paving company and get a free estimate. But for informational purposes, gravel driveways usually cost around 2 grand if we're talking about a common 600 square feet driveway.Pavement Management for Airports, Roads and Parking LotsThe first rule you have to remember when it comes to parking lot maintenance: the asphalt cracks! There's no way around it. Sure, by using protective coating you can prolong its life, but that's how it is. But the beauty of it is that you can do that whether they're the result of climate changes, aggressive environment or plain old vehicle use.As a general rule of thumb, if you've noticed that at least one quarter or more of your parking lot is covered with cracks, it's without a doubt time to seal it. Actually, regular maintenance is advised and that holds true even for smaller cracks. The sooner you fix them, the better. Your parking lot will thank you (and so will you).Driveway Sealing Sealcoating Service Start Up Business Plan NEW!Here's how to seal your driveway: first you need to clean the surface and remove any objects you believe will hinder you during the work. If there's weed coming out of your asphalt, remove that too before proceeding. Then you should use a high-pressure hose to wash it to remove any dirt and particles that might be on there. If the stains are there even though you washed the surface of your driveway completely, you might also need to scrub it.Only the surface has dried up should you proceed to the next step of using your asphalt filler. Just be sure you're following the manufacturer's guidelines and you'll be fine. It's a good idea to do the sealing in at least 2 layers so the driveway's more resistant to environmental factors.Tar and chip drivewayAs a final note, I'll mention Tar and Chip driveways (also known as Macadam driveways). Their strong points are their aesthetic appeal, the price (VERY big plus) and the fact that they require a very low amount of maintenance. Sound good, huh? Well, they do have a drawback though and it's going to be quite big for some people: you're very unlikely going to find a contractor willing to install it.Still, if you find one, I believe they are an excellent choice to the popular concrete and asphalt driveways, and after having installed after a while you will also notice they provide better traction. The reason being is that chip and tar driveways consist of various stones not as a single part, but rather as smaller fractions. It's a funny little detail, but still awesome. href='http://rollerskates24lm.hubpages.com/hub/driveway-sealing-and-maintenance' - http://rollerskates24lm.hubpages.com/hub/driveway-sealing-and-maintenance -