A GLOBAL VIEW OF SEX WORK: Write-Up by Londons escorts

My very first "sort of" experience as a street hooker was a strange one to say the least, I stralled down this popular pick up lane dressed in the shortest mini skirt I could find, after about 10min, a fancy car driven by this young punter in his early twenties pulled up, he was extremely attractive, shyish and polite in his manner, he didnt ask about fees and I said nothing too, I just got in and we drove off, he didn’t talk much on the way to a road I knew was safe and when we arrived there it dawned on me that I was almost thrilled at the idea of what was going to happen.
I hadn’t been with my then boyfriend for months and hadn’t had intercourse at all in a long time, We kissed for a long while and I suddenly realised that I had missed it, he slipped on a condom and it was done in minutes, my entire body and soul had needed it and I was trembling in exctacy and thats when he pulled out his wallet and asked me how much he owed me….
This was the 1st time I’d ever done this for pay and thought about all the things I was supposed to know that said I must take the money upfront, nothing would have felt more unnatural than taking payment for something that I’d liked, I had not ever sold myself like that and I didn’t want to say that I had. I told him not to women-766401__180.jpgworry about it and it felt great saying it. No doubt he realised that something unusual had just taken place but it wasn’t easy to see his expression in the dim light and my state. He drove me back to the road where he had picked me up from and I did not see him again.
I think that what took place there that evening was not something that could be taken as prostitution, an act of prostitution had been meant to happen by both of us but none had occured, I strongly believe that what took place was sex between two willing parties with no reservations, and that is not prostitution.

Exactly what's your opinion on straight from the source here?