A fully digital approach to replicate peri-implant soft tissue contours and emergence profile in the

Clinical Oral Implants Research, 05/13/2015Monaco C, et al. This short communication reports on a novel digital technique designated - the "Fully Digital Technique (FDT) - to take the impression of the peri-implant soft tissue and emergence profile with an intraoral scanner, digitally capturing both the three dimensional position of the implant platform and the coronal and gingival parts of the provisional retained restoration. FDT is a rapid digital approach for achieving all information of the peri-implant soft tissue and emergence profile directly from the provisional retained restoration. href='http://www.mdlinx.com/dentistry/medical-news-article/2015/05/13/dental-implants/6097245/' - http://www.mdlinx.com/dentistry/medical-news-article/2015/05/13/dental-implants/6097245/ -