A Difficult Intersection Today

Today I am at a difficult intersection and my core is shaken.
I've been through significant and multiple changes in the last eight months.
These changes are combined with menopause.
As you know adapting to change is not always easy or fun.
Human beings struggle to abandon what is familiar to a new environment or situation.
Change prompts countless emotions, and they come to the surface unannounced and often are unwelcome.
During these moments of attempting to adapt to change I find that brooding can be contemplative and often productive.
My art and my work reflects the striving of emotions and the will to survive being in the hollows of life.
Do not confuse brooding with self-pity because they are entirely different.
As tears poured down my cheeks while driving to my studio this morning I faced several of my 'character flaws'.
These flaws have caused me to stumble and fall a few times in my life, leaving me dizzy with no way to explain my repeated mistakes.
Yet, I see in hindsight that even though I made mistakes, someone else benefited from them.
Another person has a better life because of my mis-steps... it is a theme that I want to eliminate from the present and future.
I am done.
It is finished.
Moving forward now, and leaving behind a flaw that was instilled during my childhood.
I forgive them.
The light will turn green soon.