a call for help

My husband died 8 weeks ago whilst away on business in Brussels he fell down a flight of stairs hit his head and died instantly. I wasnt with him and flew to Belgium to arrange to bring his body home. It still feels very wrong to refer to my beautiful strong handsome husband as a body . He was cypriot blood  and this means he had a full cypriot funeral in greek with an open casket I am english as was he by birth i found the whole thing very traumatic and felt as if nothing i wanted was taken into consideration at all. I am now living in the house we shared belonging to his brother who i only met a few times. I feel very lost and alone even though i have my daughter and dogs and many friends no one really understands the loss i feel . I waited a long time to meet this person who everyone described as my soul mate and to have him taken from me after only a few months of marriage is too painful for words. my wedding anniversary is coming up and I have had to cancel our trip and hotel we had booked along with the trip to Dubai we should have been on at the moment . Its all very very sad there are NO Words