9Apps: How It Turns Out a Single Solution for All Your Needs

As per latest reports, an Android user downloads and installs 30 apps on average. The number goes high and higher depending on person’s interests and choices. Each app has separate functions. So you cannot avoid downloading them. From where do we download them? This remains a question? Here in this article, I will tell you why you should download Android apps from 9Apps store rather than from Google’s play store.

Security: 9Apps makes security a prior concern. They check each app submitted a number of times to ensure they are free of malwares and ransom wares. Only those apps which are cent percent secure are displayed on the store.

Few number of apps: Compared to search giant’s Play Store, the number of apps are fewer. This helps users find their favourite apps with ease.

Games: Gaming is one of the most popular category across all app stores. Here too, this category reigns supreme. You will find various games on the store. They include the latest ones. 9Apps store has a wide variety of games apps.

Videos and APK Files: In addition to apps and games, the store also lists out videos and APK files. This helps the store becomes an all-in-one destination for apps, games and APK files.

Top Features of 9Apps:

Search and Find
If you know the name of the app you need to download, then it is simpler here. Just enter the name in the search box and the store will show you the app. You can search apps (like you search on a search engine) by name. In case if you do not know the name, then use the category filter for finding your favourite app.

Easy to Download
Downloading from 9Apps is as simple as a click. Your download takes a single click. You can finish downloading in seconds.

Home Page Display
All your apps are displayed on the home page for easy navigation. Just scroll the screen to see all your downloaded apps. Click on the icons to launch an app.

Single Store
Apart from Android apps; 9Apps store lists out games, APK files, and more. This is how it becomes a perfect competitor to Google’s Play store.

Multi Device Compatibility
9apps work across all devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. In this case, the store outsteps Google Play store which runs only on Android devices.

Easy Navigation
Easy navigation options make it easy to find the app of your choice. Find them either by typing the name or filter them out by categories.

People like 9app store because of these features. One just need to download and install 9apps in your smartphone to explore and use the better app for free. Visit website for more details: http://9app.co.in/