i have had my grandsons for 21 months now and they are 3 yrs and 20 months. my daughter just got out of jail after 2 months and she was suposed to go to her dcfs supervised visit the next day. but instead she ran off to kentucky with some guy, and she has already started using heroin again. there is no room in her life for her children or the rest of her family. she has to surrender her parental rights or they will be terminated. if she doesnt make it to the court date to surrender we will all have to go testify at her terminatoin hearings , and i just dont want to do that. the least she can do is surrender so i can adopt these boys and get on with our lives and she with hers. i love her dearly but i am fed up with all her lies and these boys deserve better. her youngest son doesnt even know who she is . i am very heartbroken i didnt raise her like this. .