my daughter has been a heroin addictfor about two years now. she has had her son taken away and placed with me in march of this year and she gave birth to another little boy in april. he spent a month in the hosp to wean him off methadone and heroin. then he came home to me also. he is doing really good almost 4 months old and is thriving like a normal baby. my older grandson is almost 2. i think tiffany started using right after he was born. i am so worried she is going to o.d.. one of her friends o.d. in june ofthis year and another friend is charged with his death. i have all kinds of people from the state that are there for the boys, but they just don't care about tiff. they only allow her to come to my house 1 day a week. she doesn't have any med coverage and there are no rehabs that can take her that i know of. i am really scared for her.  i know what it looks like being i have hepc but she was raised in the country and we don't do drugs. i don't know how i got hepc.  so i am dealing with all this and i am on treatment . i started treatment  2 weeks before the baby was born and didn't really have any bad side effects until the baby came home. but now it seems i have them all. weak sick headaches body aches and depression. i need help for my daughter and i need it soon.