9 Ways To Build Wealth In 2011

To find one, visit either the AICCCA or the National Foundation for Credit Counseling . "If the consumer sticks to that plan, it will be their best chance to begin a systematic process for building wealth," Jones says. "It may be modest at first, but with diligence, everyone can have a chance to improve their financial circumstances." 5. Buy a Home Ron Phipps, president of the National Association of Realtors and principal broker for Phipps Realty in Warwick, R.I.: Want to build wealth in 2011? Buy a home, Phipps says. Mortgage rates are low, selection is great, prices are about one-third lower than five years ago, "and, by the way, you can live in the investment," he says. Homeownership remains a long-term vehicle to financial independence and wealth, Phipps says. Tip for success: Even though it sounds "pretty elementary," it's especially vital to "use common sense when buying and selling," Phipps says. "Price at the market to sell.

Nigeria Wealth Fund Gets $550 Million to Support Power Market

Out of the fund, $350 million will be used as liquidity facility for the state-owned electricity trader, which guarantees power sales by producers to distribution companies, Okonjo-Iweala told reporters today in the capital, Abuja. The remaining $200 million will be for the http://www.slideshare.net/TheElevationGroup/the-elevation-group-mike-dillard-6216444 infrastructure fund for gas-to-power investments. President Goodluck Jonathan in September handed control of 15 power generation and distribution companies spun out of the former state-owned power utility to new owners to boost output and end blackouts in the country, where demand is almost double the 4-gigawatt capacity. They include Transnational Corp. of Nigeria Plc and Siemens AG. (SIE) Nigeria still needs $14.2 billion annually to bridge its infrastructure gap, Okonjo-Iweala said. Africas most populous nation with about 170 million people loses at least 2 percent of gross domestic product growth annually due to a deficit infrastructure, mainly in electricity and transportation, according to the finance minister.

Dave Ramsey says: Consider net worth when making purchases

If youre buying things that go the wrong way in terms of value, youre not gaining wealth; youre losing wealth. Theres really nothing special about $1 million. I could have said $2 million or $900,000, but $1 million is easy to remember. Plus its nothing to sneeze at in terms of an individuals net worth . When you lose a lot and its a small percentage of a lot more, you dont have to worry so much. But when you lose a lot and you didnt have much to begin with, thats a recipe for financial disaster! Dave Dear Dave, My parents co-signed on government loans so I could go to college. Would my forbearance or non-payment affect their credit if I dont pay? Tiffany Dear Tiffany, Yes, it would.